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Students Attend Geological Society of America Conference

Written by Danielle Couture

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 Students and faculty gather in front of Mt. Washington at the Conference

Front row (Left to Right), Lindsey Belliveau, Laura Markley, Assistant Professor Meredith Metcalf, Mackenzie Fannon, Rachel Dern. Back row (Left to Right): Drew Hyatt, Christopher Lorentson, Jeff Outland, Assistant Professor Lea Gilbertson, Associate Proffessor Dickson Cunningham, Professor Peter Drzewiecki, Assistant Professor Bryan Oakley, Jonathan Burdacki.

  Willimantic, CT - - Six Eastern Connecticut State University students, and an equal number of faculty, attended the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America (NEGSA) Conference in Bretton Woods, NH, from March 18-20 to attend presentations on a wide range of geological topics. Students attending the trip included Christopher Lorentson, Jon Burdacki, Laura Markley, Rachel Dern, Mackenzie Fannon and Lindsey Belliveau.

At the conference, students attended sessions and participated in a follow-up question and answer session. Four faculty members gave oral presentations. Belliveau joined Drew Hyatt, chair of the Environmental Earth Science Department, to speak about meltwater erosion marks in bedrock at Bailey's Ravine in Connecticut.
"The Geological Society of America conference allowed me to present my research; learn exciting new things; and network with professionals in the field who have given me invaluable advice," says Belliveau. "NEGSA has allowed me to feel prepared for the exciting future that is ahead of me."


Students also attended a graduate student fair where they spoke with representatives from a variety of out-of-state universities about programs in earth science. "I intend to go to graduate school after completing my degree at Eastern, so listening to what professionals had to say about the specifics of their programs taught me some more about what to expect from education at the next level," said Lorentson, president of Eastern's Environmental Club.

Established in 1888, the GSA provides access to elements that are essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors: academic, government, business and industry. The Northeastern section of GSA meets once a year.


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