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Akus Gallery to Host "Mother Goddess" Symposium

Written by Gabrielle Little

Willimantic, Conn. - The Akus Gallery at Eastern Connecticut State University will host a symposium for its latest exhibition, "From Motherhood to Mother Goddess: Transcendence from Self to Absolute," from 3-5 p.m. on April 3 in the Shafer Auditorium.

The panel will include Gail Gelburd, professor and chair of the Visual Arts Department; Reynold Kerr, art critic and curator of African Art; Vladimir Merchenkov, professor of aesthetics and theory of Ohio University; Robert Newman, author and academic scholar; and Neeta Omprakash, Nehru-Fulbright Scholar.

According to Gelburd, "The significance of the Mother Goddess is seen not only in the rituals performed in the traditional societies, but it also gives cultural identity. The Mother Goddess, basically, symbolizes either generative or destructive powers." 

For more information about the exhibition, please contact the Akus Gallery at or (860) 465-4659.


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