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"Reverse Internship" Program to Help Adult Students

Written by Danielle Couture

Willimantic, CT - - Eastern Connecticut State University's School of Continuing Education has organized a "Reverse Internship" program, offering help to adult students who want to gain college credits towards their degree for what they have learned at work and can validate.

The program, titled "The Reverse Internship: Converting Banked Applied Learning into College Credit," was formed with the help of a $25,000 grant from the American Council on Education (ACE). The program offers adult students a way to turn their previous work experience into college credits, equivalent to a standard internship.

With the help of faculty, adult students take an online, interactive, reverse internship tutorial which requires them to reflect upon their experiences, identify what they have learned in various categories and then document how they acquired that learning. "The online tutorials challenged every one of us to dig deep into our experiences and recall, reconstruct and then put into proper college format all those bits and pieces that are the puzzle of a life," said Hamden resident Robert Grindle, who participated in the program. "The Continuing Education staff at Eastern has been incredible and encouraging, to the point of being inspirational."

 "Through the program, Eastern hopes to increase the number of part-time adult students who will complete their degree at Eastern," said Carol Williams, associate dean of the School of Continuing Education.
Persons interested in participating in the program should contact Williams at (860) 465-5250 or e-mail her at

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