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Eastern Students Participate in Shack-a-Thon

Written by Christopher J. Herman

shackathon 3.jpgWillimantic, Conn. - Eastern Connecticut State University's Habitat for Humanity campus chapter held its annual "Shack-a-Thon" fundraiser over a 24-hour period from Nov. 13-14 in front of Webb Hall. The fundraiser was held to increase awareness of substandard housing in the Willimantic community.

Participating Eastern students were asked to live in cardboard box structures for the full 24 hours. Students were able to attend classes and extracurricular activities, but they had to return to the cardboard shelter during the fundraising period.  Students were encouraged to give up electronic devices including cell phones, laptops and iPods to fully appreciate someone living in a substandard home.

shackathon 2.jpg 
Students participating in the fundraiser included Emily Cameron, Avery Schena, Rachael Skinner, Alex Cavacas, Morgan Epler, Valerie Lewis, Jennifer DuBois, Karolina Chrzanowska, Kim Mines, Sarah Bojorques, Angelique Clark, Krystin Marien and Melissa Trimbell.


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