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Eastern Revises Education Programs

Written by Rebecca Holdridge

cfdrc new resources - Sudha1.jpgWillimantic, Conn. The Education Department at Eastern Connecticut State University has changed its curriculum to fit new legislative and certification requirements mandated by the Connecticut State Department of Education.
There are many revisions to the program, but three changes according to Hari Koirala, Professor of Education and department chair, "will have a significant impact on the students' academic plan."

1. The elementary education major/certification and secondary certification programs are now four semesters long. Before they were only three semesters.
2. The application due date for the two programs is on Feb. 15 of each year. The application due date used to be Oct. 1.
3. Students can apply to these programs after completing 45 credits, usually in the second semester of their sophomore year.

There are many other changes to both the secondary and elementary programs that students should be aware of. All changes can be found on new advisement sheets, available to students through their advisors. Students can also read about the changes by visiting advisement.html.  "It is imperative for current education students and students applying into the program to be aware of how this affects their coursework," said Koirala.

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