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Communication Majors Present Research at Conference

Written by Chris Herman

 Four Eastern Connecticut State University communication students have been chosen to present their work and projects at this year's National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Ogden, UT on March 29. The presenters include Eastern senior Salome Miclette, who will present her thesis, "Cosmopolitan Magazine and the Second Wave Feminist Movement: A Cross Cultural Analysis," and seniors Timothy Snopkowski, Todd Buckholt and Colin Dunn, who will present their work, "Twitter: The Uncensored Loudspeaker for Professional Athletes."

Miclette, who is also in Eastern's Honors Program, theorized that women's magazines have the ability to change and shape women's roles in society. Her research looks at feminist activity in both the United Kingdom and the United States during the 1960s and addresses issues such as reproductive rights, the fight for political power and equality in the workplace.Snopkowski's, Buckholt's and Dunn's research looks at media coverage of controversial "tweets" (online posts) that exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior by athletes. Their work was previously recognized at Eastern's Excellence Expo 2011.

Professional teams and franchises have banned athletes from accessing their Twitter accounts during games and imposed fines and punishments on athletes who do. Their study examined whether First Amendment Rights were being violated by teams and therefore limiting athletes freedom of speech. Their research presented five examples of controversial Twitter messages that forced athletes to pay fines. The examples were presented to an undergraduate Communication Law and Ethics course on Eastern's campus. The opinions of the class were documented and the majority of the students in the class found that the athletes' rights were not being violated.

NCUR promotes undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity in all fields of study. The annual conference gives undergraduate scholars in all fields and from all types of institutions of higher learning a forum to share the results of their work through posters, presentations, performances and works of art.


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