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Jaime Gómez Presented International Honor

Written by Dwight Bachman

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Ricardo Torres, left,  executive director of ODAEE, Ubaldo Enrique Meza, right, president of the National Congress for a Quality Education Foundation of Colombia, congratulate Gómez, center, after conferring an Honorary Degree.


Willimantic, Conn. -- The Organization of the Americas for Educational Excellence (ODAEE), through two universities -- the College of Graduate Studies of Mexico City and the Catholic University of Cuenca in Ecuador  --  have conferred a Doctor Honoris Causa/Honorary Degree upon Jaime Gómez, interim dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies and the Graduate Division at Eastern Connecticut State University. The ceremony took place on Oct. 26 in Cartagena, Colombia during the Fourth Annual Meeting of the National Congress for Quality Education and the Organization of Ibero American States for Education, Science and Culture-OEI. The meeting was convened by ODAEE.

        Gómez was presented the honorary degree "in recognition of his great contribution in the development of the sciences, arts and letters." Gómez is widely respected internationally for his work in media production; linking information and communication technology to a liberal arts and science education; Latino history and culture; and the ecology of South America.
        The theme of the Cartagena meeting, attended by delegates from more than 23 countries, was "Teacher Professional Development as a Determining Factor for Ensuring Quality Education." Gómez was asked to deliver a presentation on the topic, "Training teachers to use information communication technology (ICT) in education." 

        Gómez was also presented with a Special Recognition Diploma for his "outstanding research and education in the areas of information communication technology (ICT) in the field of education." He also participated on a panel on the same subject with other Latin American scholars.

        "I was very honored, truly moved, and deeply humbled to receive this honorary degree. It reinforces my lifetime commitment to use media and technology to enhance educational environments," said Gómez. "It also reinforces my belief that a quality education for all should be an inherent right and not a privilege because education is the foundation on which we can build a more equitable, sustainable and progressive society. My teaching, research and administrative experience at Eastern Connecticut State University has helped me tremendously to build on that foundation. I am most appreciative of my colleagues and administrators across Eastern who have always supported my academic research and interests."

      The mayor of Cartagena  provided a special sponsorship for the meeting, celebrating the bicentennial celebration of Cartagena's declaration of independence from Spain in November 1811.

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