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Erin Davies to Speak on Hate Crimes

Written by Gabrielle Little

Erin Davies.pngWillimantic, Conn. -Erin Davies, activist and co-founder of the Fagbug Project, will speak at Eastern's University Hour Series from 3 to 4 p. m. on Oct. 19 in the Student Center Theatre. Davies' presentation, "Creating Change in Ourselves," shares her inspirational story of traveling across the United States and Canada to raise awareness about hate crimes and homophobia.  The public is invited. Admission is free.

Davies refused to be silent when her VW Beetle was vandalized and marked with homophobic slurs in 2007, just because it sported a rainbow bumper sticker.  Her presentation at Eastern will raise awareness about her belief to give a voice to those who are silent; inspire others to take a stand against bullies; and be an example of how to overcome obstacles with creativity.

Upon founding the project four years ago, Davies has gained sponsorship from the Volkswagen Group of America and the Sundance Film Festival. In addition, Davies has produced a documentary of her journey, which can be found on her website at

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