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Eastern to Host Worm Harvest!

Written by Dwight Bachman

Eastern to Host Worm Harvest!

                        Willimantic, CT - At 4 p.m. on Sept. 7, members of the Green Campus Committee at Eastern Connecticut State University will host "Worm Casting Harvest," their second vermicomposting workshop. The workshop, led by Biology Professor John Landosky, will be held in the urban garden (former greenhouse) behind Burr Hall on Windham Street.  The workshop will discuss the benefits of starting a worm bin as well as demonstrate how to set up a worm bin and harvest worm castings. During the event, participants will build a worm bin and one lucky participant will walk away with the bin and worms to start their own vermicomposting system." 

"Our worms have been very prolific this summer.  Their population size is at about maximum capacity for our bin.  Now is an excellent time to split the clew (worm speak for colonies) and establish another bin," said Landosky.  "We hope lots of people come and see how to harvest worm castings and possibly be the one lucky attendee who will take home a fully functional bin."

Landosky and Health and Physical Education Professor Mary Ragno began holding public composting sessions this past May that teach how to create worm composts. Worm composting can be done inside, making it possible for city dwellers to participate.  Worms are also important friends of any garden, and are very effective consumers and recyclers of food and plant wastes.

Landosky and Ragno, along with members of facilities management and planning department, and Eastern's Green Campus Committee, are using the University's former greenhouse to develop a productive green teaching space on the unused area on the University's South Campus.

Persons interested in attending the worm composting workshop should contact Landosky at or Mary Ragno at .


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