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Girls State to Promote Citizenship and Democracy

Written by Arielle Cotoia

            Willimantic, Conn. - From June 25 through July 1, Eastern Connecticut State University will host more than 180 high school juniors from around the state who will participate in the Laurel Girls State program.

Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Laurel Girls State prepares young women for careers in government through citizenship and democracy. Program officials will focus on patriotism by involving students in all aspects of government and by enhancing pride in America. Students will elect officials on a local and state level, who will then carry out the duties of their offices. Students will also write bills and enact legislation.

            "We are delighted to host Girls State for the seventh year in a row," said Victoria Lorenzen, program facilitator in the Office of Professional Development in Eastern's School of Continuing Education.  "We are developing a wonderful collaboration, working with professionals such as Sue Larsen, chair and director of Laurel Girls State. We hope to develop the same long-term relationship that we have with Boys State, which returned to campus this year for the 24th year in a row." 

The Girls State program has provided students with hands-on citizenship experience and government participation for more than 65 years. Girls State officials hope the experience will result in lifelong participation in government.


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