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Martorell Brings the 'Isle of Enchantment' to Eastern

Written by Tim Talley

Antonio Martorell.JPGWillimantic, Conn. -   Renowned Puerto Rican artist and personality Antonio Martorell will present a lecture at Eastern Connecticut State University at 7 p.m. on Sept. 13 in the Science Building Amphitheatre. The lecture is part of Eastern's Artist Talk series. The public is invited. Admissions is free.

            Martorell will show images that play a significant role in Puerto Rican identity both on the island and in the Diaspora.  "The images will capture a diversity of techniques, concepts and formats striving to ask, answer and manifest our quest for dialog between the particular and the universal, the here and there," said Martorell.

            Martorell has Latin American Fellowships at Harvard University, Cambridge and several other institutions. He won the award for Best Installation granted by the Puerto Rican Association of Art Critics in 1991. Some of his recent exhibitions include Tables for Behind the Sofa (1999) and Carbon Copy (2000).

            Martorell regularly exhibits in Puerto Rico; throughout the Caribbean; and in the United States. He also participates in arts events around the globe, and his works have been displayed at the Institute of Culture, the Museum of the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Art Museum, the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and the National Gallery of San Salvador, among others. Some of his public art works can be found at the Performing Arts Center of Caguas, the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and Casa las America in Habana, Cuba, among others.


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