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Eastern Professor's Art Installed in Farmington

Written by Kate Harner

Willimantic, CT -- An art proposal by Brad Guarino, lecturer in Eastern Connecticut State University's Visual Arts Department, has been chosen for a new building project at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT. The installation, "Climb," will be erected in 2013 upon the completion of Tunxis' 600 Building.

The installation will consist of 50 mirror-finish, stainless steel silhouettes of human figures. Tunxis students and faculty will pose for the silhouettes, which will mimic humans climbing and hiking uphill. The reflections of the mirrored surfaces will alter at each angle from which the viewer is looking in order to represent a constantly changing environment. "Climb" represents the educational process and the challenges students face. The installation will evoke a feeling of community with its figures helping each other during their climb and rope forms connecting them to each other.

"'Climb' is a metaphor for the educational journey - overcoming obstacles, leaving the past behind and striving to become something better," says Guarino. "Education, like climbing, is a communal pursuit that requires planning, perseverance and risk; in both cases, the journey is in large part the goal."

For more information, contact Carla Sheldon at (860) 465-0197 or


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