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Eastern Faculty to Take Sabbatical Leave

Written by Amy Brenner-Fricke


Sabbatical NEW IMAGE.JPGWillimantic, CT -- Fourteen faculty members at Eastern Connecticut State University will take sabbatical leaves during the 2010-11 academic year to conduct research and enhance their teaching.

"It is no secret that the quality of a university's faculty directly supports the institution's reputation and effectiveness," said President Núñez during a reception honoring the 14 faculty. "When faculty members embrace activities that improve their teaching, the entire university benefits. If you accept the assumption that faculty quality reflects institutional quality, then faculty development activities at Eastern must be seen as essential to maintaining the University's standard of excellence."

          Business Administration Professor Elizabeth Scott will travel to China and Australia to extend professional competence by studying business ethics at an international level. Scott received a national Fulbright-Hays Award to support her trip to China. Business Administration Professor Jeffrey Schaller will conduct research on work flow processes and scheduling efficiencies.   

          English Professors Meredith James and Rita Malenczyk will work on individual research projects while also collaborating on a textbook that will enrich the "Introduction to English Studies" class at Eastern. Visual Arts Professor William Jones will develop new painting, drawings and etchings for an interdisciplinary visual arts and earth sciences collaboration titled "Art Rocks" that will be exhibited at the Spirol Gallery in Danielson. Psychology Professor Peter Bachiochi will work to update knowledge of current advances in the recruitment and retention literature and extend current employee-retention models to student retention. Psychology Professor Carlos Escoto will conduct research on condom use and attitudes among college students that will be used in the creation of prevention programs on college campuses. 

          Environmental Earth Science Professor Peter Drzwiecki will partner with the Connecticut State Geological Survey to conduct research on rock samples. History Professor Anna Kirchman will write a book that analyzes readers' letters-to-the-editors of various Polish-language newspapers in the United States.   

          Physical Science Professor Darrell Koza will conduct research on plant extractions, that may have the potential to benefit people who develop infections from antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.

          English Professor Jian-Zhong Lin will edit Young Wing's autobiography "My Life in China and America." Performing Arts Professor Chase Rozelle will update his knowledge in professional theatre production and new technology with a stint as a guest artist in a Connecticut-based upper-level regional theatre.

          Health and Physical Education Professor Neil Williams will work on a web-based book, to define and explain basic concepts, terms and ideas for K-12 physical education teachers in American schools. Mathematics and Computer Science Professor Bonsu Osei will work with data compiled at the Laser and Fiber Optics Center of the University of Cape Coast in Ghana to develop testable mathematical models that capture key biological processes involved with the flow of malaria cells.


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