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Eastern's Chatterton Finishes 41 Marathons

     Written by Dwight Bachman

CharlieChatterton Lacrosse Team Members.JPGGovernor M. Jodi Rell was among a list of dignitaries saluting Eastern Connecticut State University Health and Physical Education Professor Charles Chatterton after he finished running his 41st marathon at Skinner Road Elementary School in Vernon on Dec. 22.  The marathon project, "Taking Strides to Brake the Cycle of Poverty," was designed to raise public awareness about the 41 million people living poverty in America.

Chatterton in the Cold_BEST.JPGThe 41 marathons totaled 1,078 miles through 11 states and the nation's capital.  Chatterton ran 41 marathons in 40 months in a little more than 156 hours, beginning in September 2006.

Chatterton Citation.JPGCitations were read from Governor Rell, Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa M. Núñez and Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy.

 The biggest cheer for Chatterton came from the students attending Skinner Road Elementary School.  In unison, the screamed "Mr. C! Mr. C!" as Chatterton ran into the school after a day-long run in frigid temperatures.

  Chatterton with kids.JPG Chatterton told the students, "The marathon is just a run; what's important is that we all try to do something about helping the 41 million people climb out of poverty. I hope we will all do our part."


Chatterton-DeLisa-Silcox-kids.JPGThe students, through an after-school "Hoops for Hunger" project that was timed to begin when Chatterton ended his race, donated food items that were to be delivered to the Cornerstone Foundation in Rockville, which provides shelter and food to those in need. $600 was also raised for the program.


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