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Eastern's Arroyo Exhibits Work in New London

 Written by Jack Meltzer

  Imna Arroyo's House of Yemaya.JPGWillimantic, Conn. -   Imna Arroyo, professor of visual arts at Eastern Connecticut State University, is showcasing her multi-media exhibit, "Oh, Mi Yemana" at the Provenance Center located at 165 State St. in New London.  The exhibit, which started on Oct.1, will run through Jan. 31, 2010.   The public is invited, and admission is free.

The theme in the exhibit is heavily based on the mythology and spirituality of the Ifa religion, which was brought by millions of Africans to Puerto Rico, Cuba and Brazil. 

Imna Arroyo- Yemayá Achabá and Yemayá Konlá.JPG

 "Oh, Mi Yemaya," includes two major installations by Arroyo; The Many Faces of Yemaya and and La Casa de Yemaya/House of Yemaya.  Each piece of artwork depicts "los siete caminos de Yemaya," the seven paths taken by the Orisha Yemaya. 

 The Many Faces of Yemanya is composed of seven woodblock panels that are printed on satin and framed with Batik fabric from Ghana, West Africa.  Each panel represents the seven paths of the African God, Orisha Yemaya, who has unique charachteristics, both good and bad, that manifest in human life. Shells, glass and hand-made sculptures, along with a six-minute video are  part of the artwork.

The second instillation of the exhibit, La Casa de Yemaya /House of Yemaya,  shows Yemaya living in the bottom of the sea with Olokun, her father and the owner and master of ocean. Yemaya is depicted as a mermaid as well as the Virgin of Merci as she is also known.

This exhibition is sponsored by Connecticut-based Mijoba Communications.  For more information, please contact or the curator Migdalia Salas at or call (860) 443-2545.


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