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Eastern Students Win American Marketing Association Awards

  Written by Este Yarmosh



AMA Award.JPG                               

  Eastern students winners of the American Marketing Association Awards:  Back row, from left:  Robert Regan, Ryan Pierson, Henry Hotkowski; front row:  Marlana Carroll, Ashley Barnum, Tara Fitzgerald, Khrytyna Stefak. 


Willimantic, Conn. - Seven members of Eastern Connecticut State University's chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) accepted three awards at the 31st AMA International Collegiate Conference, which took place from March 26-28 in New Orleans.  The awards included the Outstanding Chapter Plan; Outstanding Professional Development Award; and the Outstanding Community Award.  The students included Khrytyna Stefak, Marlana Carroll, Robert Regan, Ashley Barnum, Tara Fitzgerald, Henry Hotkowski and Ryan Pierson.  Their faculty advisor, Katalin Eibel-Spanyi, professor of business administration, attended the conference.

"This was the result of dedicated professional work throughout the academic year," said Eibel-Spanyi.  "The students demonstrated their ability in planning, executing and operating a student organization like a nonprofit business in the field of marketing.  I am extremely proud of these students and very happy to be their faculty advisor."

 This year, 1,300 students from 145 schools across the country, including Puerto Rico, competed in various marketing events at the AMA Conference and attended sessions taught by professionals and other AMA peers. 

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