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African American Storytelling and Food Tasting

Written by Emily Bonoyer


            Willimantic, Conn. - Eastern Connecticut State University will present African American storytelling and food tasting as part of its celebration of African American History Month. The presentation will take place on Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center CafĂ©. The public is invited.  Admission is free.

             African, West Indian and African American students, faculty and staff will tell stories from their own personal lives at the event. English Professor Raouf Mama, an internationally-known bilingual storyteller, will be one of the featured guests. He will present, in English and French, indigenous tales from his native land of Benin in West Africa. Drawn from one of the richest oral traditions in Africa, Mama's stories have strong connections to African cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.

            Mama has written several books: "Why Goats Smell Bad and Other Stories from Benin" (1998); "The Barefoot Book of Tropical Tales" (2000); "Pearls of Wisdom," (2001); and "Why Monkeys Live In Trees and Other Trickster and Sacred Tales from Benin" (2006).


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