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Getting Started for Faculty

When an instructor first enters a Blackboard Learn course, it does not create a Content Area for your files by default. Additionally, there is a feature called Content Collection which works much like the File Manager in Vista. Putting files directly into the Content Collection does not make them accessible to the student, without also putting them in a Content Area.

Adding files by going to a Content Area first will also add files to the Content Collection automatically, just as adding files to the Vista Home Page automatically added files to the File Manager. However, unlike Vista you must create your Content Area first.

We strongly suggest Faculty watch this short tutorial to get started even if you use no other training material to learn to use Blackboard Learn:

Blackboard Learn Quick Start Guide

Once a default Content Area is created, you may put content in it. Despite being created, students (and faculty with Edit Mode off) will not see an empty Content Area unless you put some content in it.


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