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Tom Hebert Exhibits in John Slade Ely House in New Haven

hebert1.jpg"Wflatiya-Whatiya" Paper collage, inlay to linoleum tile.2012, produced by Tom Hebert, visual art lecturer, has been on display as part of the "Digital Ground" exhibition at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven; the exhibit runs through Jan. 20.

"Digital Ground" is an exhibition that explores the potential of combining digitally produced material in conjunction with traditional art practices such as drawing, painting and photography. Use of recycled or repurposed materials as well as firsthand production is included in the artists' creative processes. Works as varied as Paulette Rosen's scanned and drawn upon images of birds to Catalina Barroso Luque's projected photo collage installation to Paul Theriault's looping digital video works offer a survey of the ways artists are incorporating new technology into their art practices.

Another Hebert work is titled, "Trashing Skies."  "My intent was not to make a social statement, but to produce objects of art that are concerned with construction and all the elements involved. The work involved photographing common household objects, evolved into printmaking and collage, and ended up with linoleum tile construction. The result is a series of images that appear to be floating in a night sky. While it was not my intention to make a statement about pollution: it is a fact that we are indeed "trashing" the skies, oceans and environment in general. If the work raises this awareness, it is a positive, serendipitous outcome."


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