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New Fine Arts Instructional Center

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Eastern will host a groundbreaking ceremony on Aug. 27 for its new, four-story, $62 million Fine Arts Instructional Center on the Student Center parking lot immediately following the University Meeting. The center, which will serve both the University and surrounding communities, will be located east of the Student Center. It will combine teaching, performance and exhibit space for the Performing Arts Department (Music and Theatre) and the Visual Arts Department, as well as general purpose classroom space and an art gallery. 

When it opens in fall 2015, the new facility will feature three performance venues: (1) a 400-seat auditorium for musical performances and space as a major gathering place for the campus community, convocations and lectures; (2) a 250-seat Proscenium Theatre for theatre performances on campus and classic proscenium theatre training for theatre groups; and (3) a flexible 125-seat Studio/Black Box Theatre that can be arranged in multiple seating configurations.

The new facility will reflect the University's desire to enhance the presence of the fine arts on campus.  With its mix of performance venues and arts instructional spaces, the facility will be a place where Eastern presents itself to the broader community.

Construction on the Fine Arts Instructional Center will significantly impact parking for everyone on campus -- students, faculty and staff. Police Chief Jeffrey Garewski says construction on the facility will close almost all of the Gelsi-Young lot, except for assigned parking, all of the Gelsi-Young extension lot, and most of the Student Center lot.  The remaining portion of the Student Center Lot has been restriped and has been designated for faculty/staff parking.  Handicapped spaces lost to construction have also been added in this area.
"More than likely, faculty and staff accustomed to parking in these areas will have to utilize appropriate parking elsewhere, including the Cervantes Parking Garage," said Garewski. "A shuttle stop is located outside this garage on the west side if needed.  Shuttles start operation by 7:15 a.m. during the work week. There may be some limited faculty staff parking assigned to a portion of the Student Center lot along that building's curb line that may not be affected by the construction area.  Commuters that normally used the Student Center lot will need to use the parking garages. As with all projects that affect parking and access, it is critical to maintain our ADA parking compliance."


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