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Research and Exhibition Conference and Excellence Expo Shine Light on Student Scholars

Eastern's School of Arts and Sciences held its 13th annual Student Research and Exhibition Conference on April 13 in the Science Building. More than 100 students, supported by more than 50 faculty mentors, presented projects and presentations showcasing nine departments in the School of Arts and Sciences. The exhibits included digital art, prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures and books created by Eastern students. The projects ranged from presentations such as "Artificial Structures in Marine Environments: Do Materials Influence the Success of Invasive Species?" by biology major Sheona Douglas '14 of Bloomfield, to "CIRC DU TAROT: The symbolism of the Major Arcana through Circus Illustrations" by communication major Lindsey Ancel '13 of Milford. Eastern's Jazz Ensemble closed out the ceremony.

The School of Education/Professional Studies and Graduate Division held its 13th Annual Excellence Expo on April 24 in the Student Center. More than 150 students, supported by 11 faculty mentors, presented research projects and posters showcasing the five departments in the School of Education/Professional Studies. Presentations covered Communication Marketing and Advertising Campaigns; final projects from the Economics Senior Seminar; and a photography exhibit of framed prints and color slides. Poster research projects included topics on Communication Law and Ethics; Sport and Leisure Management; Early Childhood Education; Technologies, Societies and Communities; and Systems Analysis. Conference organizer Pat Kucharski said, "The research and creative work presented by students at this year's Expo was impressive. In fact, several judges commented on just how impressed they were. One judge in particular said that this was the best group he had ever seen. He was especially impressed with the independent research that students had conducted for their presentations."


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Photography instructor Martin Seymour discussed student projects with Eastern President Elsa Núñez.




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Jaime Gomez, dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies and the Graduate Program, listens as Ashlie Alleyne explains her research poster, "Will Food be Your Friend or Foe?"




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Kaolina Burchardt presents her senior economic seminar, "Application of Behavioral Economics in the Prevention of Human Trafficking."


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