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Yale Medical School Visits Eastern

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for cherisse.JPGRepresentatives from Yale School of Medicine's Office of Multicultural Affairs visited campus on Nov. 29 to speak with more than 30 Eastern students about the process for applying to Yale's School of Medicine. The well-earned reputation of Eastern's Biology Department over the years and the success of Eastern students who have enrolled in Yale's Medical School precipitated the visit. While the majority of Eastern student present were biology majors, there were also majors present from the psychology, health and physical education and business departments.

Charisse Mandimika and Dionne Rudison, two fourth-year Yale Medical School (YMS) students explained the admissions process, which includes use of the common graduate school application and an intensive on-campus interview for selected applicants. In any Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for dionne.JPGgiven year, YMS receives approximately 4,000 applications and grants interviews to approximately 800 students. Of that, 150 are accepted and the final entering class is capped at 100. Mandimika was on last year's Admissions Committee; Rudison is on this year's committee. YMS is unique in that students on the admissions committee have full voting rights. The application process has a 16-month window; students wishing to enter in fall 2014 should apply Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for mrs jackson.JPGby May 2013. The program is four years in length, but students routinely interrupt their studies to perform community service and other activities, resulting in a typical five-year completion cycle. "I just encourage anyone applying to be themselves, be passionate about wanting to be a doctor, and find a way to point out your uniqueness in your application," said Mandimika.

Linda Jackson, program coordinator for Yale School of Medicine's Office of Multicultural Affairs, described the school's summer programs, which include the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program. Yale School of Medicine is one of 12 sites of the program, a national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Approximately 80 college students and graduates who want to attend medical school students attend the Yale program each summer, gaining exposure over a six-week period to science, clinical medicine, and career counseling. This year's program runs June 8-July 19, 2013.


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