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Former Puerto Rican Governor Visits Eastern

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Thumbnail image for IMG_7212.JPGOn Sept. 17, Sila Calderón, former Governor of Puerto Rico, visited Eastern for a series of appearances. In a keynote address in the Student Center Theater, Calderon urged students, faculty and staff to fully appreciate the value of giving back: "There is no purpose nobler than public service; no greater joy than serving others. When a person understands for the first time that he or she is worthy, valuable and must assume responsibility for his or her life, then, a transformation takes place. And once that takes place, there's no going back."

Later, at a press conference, Calderon said education was the best solution for every challenge facing the Latino community. She also encouraged the audience to vote in the upcoming elections. When asked by a reporter which presidential candidate -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney -- she thought was best for the Latino community, Calderon said, "Obama had addressed issues concerning Latinos more than Romney. I have not heard the Republican Party address anything about Latino economic and educational concerns."

Calderon said there were many ways to help the less fortunate. She went on to state that for over two decades she has "seen the raw face of poverty... felt the pain...and sensed the heavy burden."


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