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"Thieves' Carnival" Entertains the Campus

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thieves Carnival Madame Dupont Dufort.JPG          Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thieves Carnival Madame Hurf and Niece Eva.JPG Students from Eastern's Theatre Program performed "Thieves' Carnival" from March 8-11 and March 13-14 at the Harry Hope Theatre. "Thieves' Carnival," written by French playwright Jean Anouilh in 1932 and translated by Lucienne Hill, was directed by J.J. Cobb, assistant professor of theatre. In the play, three thieves pose as Spanish aristocrats and are invited to stay at the estate of a wealthy French woman ("Lady Hurf" played by Hilary Osborn). The thieves (Adam Pender as Hector, Michael Hinton as Peterbono and Paul Lietz as Gustave) try to rob the family through deception and wit, while also courting Lady Hurf's two nieces, Eva (Sarah Paprocki) and Juliette (Kelsey Guggenheim). Gold diggers Madame Dupont-Dufort (Seana Hendrickson) and her son Dupont-Dufort Jr. (Corey Welden) compete for attention and the family dowry.  In the end, Lady Hurf unveils that she has been wise to the thieves' masquerade all along, yet youthful romance prevails nonetheless.


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