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Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen Visits Campus

jepsen audience-loxsom question.jpgOn Nov. 8 in the Paul E. Johnson Sr. Community Conference Room, students, faculty and staff listened to Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen lecture on Connecticut's support of federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cross-state air pollution rules. Jespen said the EPA has determined that pollution sources in 27 states contribute significantly to the inability by many areas in downwind states to meet or maintain compliance with federal air quality standards on ozone and particulates.

The rule specifically identifies Connecticut, Delaware and Maryland as downwind areas affected by the pollutants emitted by sources in upwind states. The EPA rule requires significant reductions in nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, the precursor pollutants of ozone and fine particulate matter, beginning Jan. 1, 2012, in states that contribute to high or unacceptable air pollution levels in downwind states, such as Connecticut.

"While Connecticut has stringent laws controlling sources of air pollution emissions, the same cannot be said of other states," said Jepsen. "The EPA proposed a rule that controls sources of pollution in other states, which would otherwise blow into our region. We are working to ensure that this rule is not overturned," Jepsen said. Jepsen's visit was hosted by Political Science Professors Nicole Krassas and William Salka.


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