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Easten Police Say Buckle Up!


Here are some statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
• One out of every five drivers will be involved in a traffic crash this year.
• Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among people age 44 and younger
 and the number one cause of head and spinal cord injury.
• Approximately 35,000 people die in motor vehicle crashes each year. About 50 percent       (17,000) of these people could be saved if they wore their safety belts.
• More than 90 percent of all motorists believe safety belts are a good idea, but less than 14 percent actually use them.
• A common cause of death and injury to children in motor vehicles is being crushed by adults who are not wearing safety belts. One out of four serious injuries to passengers is caused by occupants being thrown into each other.
• And finally, nine out of 10 people buckle up when asked, which is why Eastern police officers are checking to ensure campus motorists obey Connecticut's law to buckle up and not use their cell phones without a hands-free device. (Above) Sgt. Lisa Hamilton checks to make sure everyone is buckled up.


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