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A Bet is a Bet

salka.jpgEastern is all about working together, wearing many hats, and helping out other members of the campus community. Bill Salka, professor of political science and president of the Faculty Senate, put that credo into practice on March 28 and 30 when he worked as President Núñez's administrative assistant. The temporary assignment was due to the fact Salka's faculty team lost a bet with the President's team at the ECSU Foundation Scholarship Bowlathon on March 5.

"I had a wonderful time working for Dr. Núñez; I think shredding 917 time cards in the course of two hours was the most fun," salka1.jpgsaid Professor Salka.  "But I wouldn't recommend this for everyone.  They say that works flows upstream, and that is certainly true in the President's Office. I haven't worked so hard since we had to pass Senate Bill 1011-2."

Last year, the President's team at the Bowlathon lost and the President paid for refreshments at a University Senate meeting, which apparently drew record numbers of onlookers and lasted well into the night.  Calling last year's defeat "questionable," Captain Mike Pernal remarked, "After they cleaned out the pantry last year, there was no way the President's Team was going to lose this year. We may not look as athletic as the faculty team, but our superior talent ensured that this year's win was an easy walk down the alley."


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