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Huntington Legacy

Mt Washington Documentary: Above The Timberline

The Child Left Behind

Thumbnail image for TheChildLeftBehind_000.jpgThe Child Left Behind (Watch Video)

Not providing data-driven, evidence-based, and differentiated instruction to children with disabilities may leave these students behind when it comes to reading skills. This is particularly true for those students with cognitive deficits. Eastern's reading expert, Dr. Maureen Ruby, supported special education teachers in the Putnam, CT school system to successfully design and deliver reading instruction for some very special students. This segment was produced by Denise Matthews.

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Mexico Documentary: The Understory

TheUnderstory_001.jpgMexico Documentary (Watch Video)

"The Understory" was filmed by Eastern Communication majors during a visit to the Los Tuxtlas Biology Station in Veracruz, Mexico, that was led by Professor Jaime Gomez in May 2007. The film chronicles deforestation and the ecological situation and consequences of the timber industry in a tropical rainforest in Mexico.

China Documentary: Memoirs of our Future

China_Documentary_000.jpgChina Documentary (Watch Video)

"China: Memoirs of our Future" Discover a fresh perspective on an ancient country from twenty-two Eastern Connecticut State University students. Through fascinating images, diary entries and interviews, they share insights that see beyond differences between American and Chinese students and uncover the urgent, global challenge that their generation must face and solve together.

Featured Major: Communications

John Zatowski Interview (WECS Radio Manager)

Andrew Utterback Interview (Communications Professor)

Campus Life PSA

J. Eugene Smith Library Overview

Study Abroad

The Importance of Graduating in 4 Years

Graduate On Time PSA

Eastern Recycle PSA

Terry Lennox (Digital Arts)

Theatre Professor JJ Cobb

Fred Loxson (Substantial Energy)

The Willimantic Experience

Windham Textile Museum

U.S. Census PSA

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