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Eric Cerino

eric.pngExpected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Psychology

Employer: Alzheimer's Association

Internship Title: Research Intern

Eric found his internship at the Alzheimer's Association through an Eastern faculty member.  As a research intern, Eric is given independence to design a research study that is molded to fit not only the goals of the organization, but also his personal research interests.  Eric explains that there has been a great need for Early Stage Alzheimer's research due to the high prevalence of persons waiting too long to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.  He is designing, organizing, and implementing an educational program intended for caregivers and those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease currently in its Early Stage.  Scheduled to begin in March 2014, this is a four session program consisting of an educational component, followed by an hour of physical activity featuring Tai Chi.  Eric's data analysis will feature before-and-after test methodology measuring factors such as life satisfaction, depressive symptoms, quality of life and knowledge of the disease, itself.

Eric has gained an extensive understanding of Alzheimer's disease, other dementias, and the ways in which the Alzheimer's Association works towards making a difference in the lives afflicted by the disease.  Most importantly, Eric has learned how to apply his research interests to a real world problem.  He has come to realize that developing a passion for one's line of work is among the strongest motivators in making a difference.

Eric's main research interest is successful aging in older adults.  Specifically, he is interested in identifying cognitive, physical, and societal factors that contribute to a healthier lifestyle in elderly populations.  With these interests, his career aspiration is to be a university professor, where he will have ample resources to continue his research.  Working at the Alzheimer's Association has allowed Eric to gain the hands-on, real world experience needed to succeed in graduate school, and as a future educator/researcher in the field of successful aging.

Eric's advice to other students is to complete as many internships as possible.  He believes internships are the greatest opportunities available to undergraduate students.  Internships provide fundamental learning experience to see if a career path or interest is the right fit, and allow students to make a difference in the community at the same time.  Eric says, "start early and make a habit of testing out anything you may be interested in.  You never know what career could be waiting for you."

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo



Aubrey Skelskey




Aubrey Skelskey

Psychology Major
Class of 2013

Title: Research Assistant for Employee Satisfaction

Employer: Reliance House


Aubrey, a junior at Eastern is a Psychology major with a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology along with a minor in business administration. Throughout this year she has been doing a unique internship at Reliance House, a non-profit organization in Norwich, CT. Aubrey's  first position title was  a Research Assistant for employee satisfaction. In this role, Aubrey conducted research on how the employees felt about their job through working with statistics. At the end of the semester Reliance House encouraged Aubrey to continue her internship and  she began doing focus groups with the same employees to find the nature of dissatisfaction of the employees there.

Although an internship is not required for her major, or in order to graduate, Aubrey wanted to make sure this job is what she really wants to be doing with her life. It helped her learn a lot about the field she plans on pursuing. Her research showed that although positions at reliance house are low paying, employees in the field still respect those who work in the field because they are truly dedicated and enjoy what they do.

                As you can see, an internship can turn into even more and can offer you a lot more experience. Not only is she doing focus groups with the employees at Reliance House this semester, she also volunteered to help her advisor with an experiment in rating management action plans at Eastern.

                Aubrey plans on becoming a business consultant in the future. She really hopes to help people enjoy their jobs more because this is a value that is becoming more important than ever before. Your job is not only where you spend most of your time but it is hard to accomplish anything with negativity interfering with your work.

                Her advice to students is "Get an internship as soon as you can so you know what you will be getting yourself into in the future, and what you should be expecting."

Marlana Caroll

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for CarrollSucess.JPGNot new to Career Services from having worked their during the summer of her freshman year, senior Marlana Carroll has used the information she's learned in the office and applied it to the real world to land her multiple internships. Her most recent being with Chartwells Dining Services right on the ECSU campus!


A Psychology major with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Marlana was excited to receive an internship on campus. "I had other internship opportunities off campus, but I was really invested in staying on campus," she said. "I get to see improvements that I help make first hand on campus."

As the Marketing Coordinator for Chartwells, Marlana is responsible for planning and coordinating weekly marketing events, managing the company's website and even training new interns.


In addition to her internship, Marlana is also the president of the ECSU Chapter of the American Marketing Association, Public Relations Director for Habitat for Humanity, a Student Government Senator and part of the Campus Activity Board - not a small workload!


And her opinion of Career Services? "Career Services is so personable and their always available, Marlana said. "They really befriend you and understand what your goals are."

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