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Michael Downs

Michael Downs.png

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communication

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University: University Relations

Internship Title: Special Events Intern

Senior Michael Downs has recently put to use what he has learned as a Communication major to his internship with Eastern Connecticut State University's University Relations department! As a Special Events Intern, Michael's responsibilities involved conducting research and planning events for the 125th Anniversary of Eastern Celebration that took place throughout the semester.

"It's been so interesting to learn about the history of Eastern through the research that I've been doing," mentions Michael. "It's been really interesting to learn about how far this institution has come since its inception in 1889."

Through completing this internship, Michael has acquired many useful skills, such as how to correctly and effectively gather research; that he says will be essential to my future career. He has also learned valuable writing skills that will not only be useful to his future career path, but in graduate school as well.

To any other internship hopefuls, Michael's advice for you is to start your internship search early, so you can find the perfect opportunity just as Michael has done! 

Story submitted by Rebecca Coolidge

Kelsey Hallock

kelsey hallock.jpgExpected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Sociology

Employer: Community Health Resources

Internship Title: Care Coordinator

Kelsey took the responsibility of finding an internship on herself to fulfill a requirement for her minor in Criminology. Along with her supervisor she works as a communication liaison between the courts, probation, or other referral sources as far as the clinician's recommendation or client activity within the agency. Kelsey works to update client information regarding things such as urinalyses or breathalyzer screens and psychotherapy or group therapies attended by clients. Her internship also includes activities like verifying, processing, and forwarding client discharges. Further, she has shadowed group therapies dealing with different areas of behavioral health. Her internship has provided Kelsey with knowledge regarding how agencies work with probation offices and how her work can have an impact on various clients.

Kelsey's position as a Care Coordinator is related to her career aspirations because she wants to be an adult probation officer. Specifically, this internship showed Kelsey how referral sources work when a client is mandated to attend court.

Based on her experience, Kelsey's advice for her peers is to not wait for someone to hand you a great internship. She got her internships on her own by talking to the right people and knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She says, "It really is all about whom you know, not what you can do. Make connections! A degree is great but without experience you can't get very far."

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Heather Colletti

                                             Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

heather colletti.jpg

Major: Health and Physical Education

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University Early Childhood Development Center

Internship Title: Preschool Physical Education Teacher

Heather completed her internship at the Early Childhood Development Center at Eastern Connecticut State University. As a preschool physical education instructor, Heather is fulfilling her aspirations to have this same occupation after graduation. She completes lesson plans and administers these activities to her students daily. Heather says that this internship has allowed her to apply the knowledge that she has gained through school coupled with her innate creativity. This internship means a lot to Heather because it has reassured her that she is on the right path to achieve the career she covets.

Heather says that any experience is positive and can be a great opportunity to learn. She advises her peers to "take all you can get to be the person you are meant to be."

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Stephanie Nolting


Stephanie Nolting.pngExpected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: English

Employer: Women's Center of Eastern Connecticut State University

Internship Title: Ambassador/Intern

Though an internship does not need to be completed for Stephanie's major in English, it is mandated by her minor in Women's Studies. Stephanie's duties as an intern include her having to be present for 9 office hours weekly. During this time she works on different Women's Center programs that she is charged with throughout the semester, or helps other ambassadors with their respective programs. Stephanie also answers phone calls and completes other tasks as needed by the center. She describes the Women's Center as a welcoming place to which visitors feel comfortable going.

Stephanie is not positive exactly what she wants to do after graduating, but she is sure that she wants to be an advocate for Women's Rights. Possible options for Stephanie are attending Law School or getting her masters degree in Social Work, either of which would be accomplished while focusing on issues relating to women.

Stephanie's advice for other students seeking internships in the future is to always think ahead. She says not to wait until the last minute to get involved. Because she found her internship through a staff member, Stephanie says to not hesitate talking to professors, as they often have connections to possible internships. Further she says that by connecting with a professor in a preferred field, students can easily become involved with what they really want to do.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Amelia Dube


Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Labor Relations & Human Resource Management

Employer: The Connecticut Department of Labor: Human Resources Department (Wethersfield, CT)

Internship Title: Human Resources Intern

Amelia Dube, a senior Labor Relations and Human Resource Management major, was given the chance to apply what she had learned in the classroom to her internship with the Connecticut Department of Labor this past summer. On the job as a Human Resource Intern, Amelia had many responsibilities including, administrative tasks, approving COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments), sending letters out to employees about raises and promotions, as well as attending arbitrations with Labor Relations specialists and visiting a vast variety of state agencies (CT Works, Mediation and Arbitration, the State Capitol etc.).

"I learned that the heart of any business, whether it is private or state-run, is the Human Resources department," mentions Amelia when asked about what she learned on the job. "They are in charge of most of the behind-the-scenes aspects of work that people might not always think about."

Amelia hopes to work in a Human Resource Department post-graduation, so this internship was just the right fit! To those hoping to follow in Amelia's internship shoe's, she gives to you a little advice; "Never say no to any opportunity that comes your way, because chances are you will learn a lot from your experiences." She also suggests to internship potentials to make as many connections as you can with the professionals around you. You never know how they may be able to help you in the future to achieve your goals and Amelia can attest to that first hand.

Story submitted by Rebecca Coolidge 

Zach Kice

zach kice.jpegExpected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Spyder/American Painting Specialists

Internship Title: Marketing Intern/Sales Representative

Zach is a senior who completed two internships while at Eastern, a feat not many students can claim. At Spyder, a ski apparel company, Zach assisted their marketing team with promotion concepts, product ideas and partnership opportunities. Zach says he learned to "think outside the box" when developing suggestions for the aforementioned business aspects. As a sales representative at American Painting Specialists Zach was in charge of creating and distributing promotional flyers. He also engaged in personal selling in door to door and scheduled appointment settings. In doing this, Zach bettered his advertising abilities working for a small business while gaining confidence in selling to consumers.

Both of Zach's internships relate to his career goals as he aspires to work as a businessman in the marketing and sales field after he graduates. Zach's advice to his classmates is to complete as many internships as possible so that you can figure out what it is that you really want to do.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Eric Cerino

eric.pngExpected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Psychology

Employer: Alzheimer's Association

Internship Title: Research Intern

Eric found his internship at the Alzheimer's Association through an Eastern faculty member.  As a research intern, Eric is given independence to design a research study that is molded to fit not only the goals of the organization, but also his personal research interests.  Eric explains that there has been a great need for Early Stage Alzheimer's research due to the high prevalence of persons waiting too long to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.  He is designing, organizing, and implementing an educational program intended for caregivers and those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease currently in its Early Stage.  Scheduled to begin in March 2014, this is a four session program consisting of an educational component, followed by an hour of physical activity featuring Tai Chi.  Eric's data analysis will feature before-and-after test methodology measuring factors such as life satisfaction, depressive symptoms, quality of life and knowledge of the disease, itself.

Eric has gained an extensive understanding of Alzheimer's disease, other dementias, and the ways in which the Alzheimer's Association works towards making a difference in the lives afflicted by the disease.  Most importantly, Eric has learned how to apply his research interests to a real world problem.  He has come to realize that developing a passion for one's line of work is among the strongest motivators in making a difference.

Eric's main research interest is successful aging in older adults.  Specifically, he is interested in identifying cognitive, physical, and societal factors that contribute to a healthier lifestyle in elderly populations.  With these interests, his career aspiration is to be a university professor, where he will have ample resources to continue his research.  Working at the Alzheimer's Association has allowed Eric to gain the hands-on, real world experience needed to succeed in graduate school, and as a future educator/researcher in the field of successful aging.

Eric's advice to other students is to complete as many internships as possible.  He believes internships are the greatest opportunities available to undergraduate students.  Internships provide fundamental learning experience to see if a career path or interest is the right fit, and allow students to make a difference in the community at the same time.  Eric says, "start early and make a habit of testing out anything you may be interested in.  You never know what career could be waiting for you."

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo



Carter Jennings

                                       carter jennings.png

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Aramark

Internship Title: Retail Lead

Carter Jennings, depicted all the way to the left, is a senior who went a little farther than most to do his internship.  After networking through his uncle, he landed his internship at Aramark at a location in Utah.  While working out west, Carter was in charge of running a gift shop on a resort, and helping dock workers move boats around on the nearby Lake Powell.  Learning how to be the manager of a retail location was integral to Carter's career aspirations because his goal is to manage a resort in the future.

Carter's advice for other students who are seeking internships is to do something that you love above everything else.  By doing something that is fun, you will not regret it no matter how much money you are making.  Carter says that the money will come as long as you do a good job, and it is easy to do a good job when you are doing something you are passionate about.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Monique Dumaine

monique dumaine.png

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communications

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University, Student Activities Office

Internship Title: Marketing Initiatives Intern

Monique took on the title of 'Marketing Initiatives Intern' when she did her internship right here at Eastern in the Student Activities Office.  One of the goals of this office was to market themselves more effectively to the faculty and the student body.  Monique's role was to research different marketing methods that might achieve the best results for her organization.  After researching, she then formed a plan with her team so the best methods could be put into effect.  One of the main methods used was forming a recognizable identity for the organization through social media.

After college Monique aspires to work in Student Affairs, more specifically, in the Student Activities and Leadership Development division.  She feels that her purpose in life is to present the necessary tools for students to live a successful and fulfilling life.  This area of higher education aims to develop students and guide them to reach their fullest potential, something Monique feels strongly about.  She says "the values of this division align with mine, and I look forward to learning something new on a daily basis."  Also, Monique feels that she has a leg up when it comes to applying for graduate school programs in this field.  Though this area is very competitive, her passion and hands-on experience as an undergraduate student will put her ahead of the curve.

Monique's advice for other students is to do something that you are passionate about.  She also states that sometimes, students do not know what they are passionate about, so it is best to get experience in the field before determining one's passion.  She says that she had an internship prior to her current position that she thought she was going to love.  She then learned that that field was not for her.  Her experience was invaluable because it taught her what she did not want to do.  Monique says that students must take advantage of the countless opportunities around them, and only by going out of their comfort zone will they achieve success.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Colleen King

                                              COLLEEN KING.png                            Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Visual Arts

Employer: Image Marketing Consultants

Internship Title: Graphic Designer

Colleen, visual arts major at Eastern, completed a co-op at Image Marketing over the course of the fall 2013 semester.  Though no internship is required for her major, Colleen took it upon herself to complete one for the sake of making connections and building her portfolio. 

Colleen found her co-op position by reaching out to her friend, Shannon Kearney, who happened to be an Eastern alumna and graphic designer for a company called Image Marketing Solutions.  After seeing a picture on Facebook of a project Shannon had completed, Colleen commented on it and landed a job with her friend.  During Colleen's time at Image Marketing, she helped Shannon by creating approximately 40 advertisements for Southington's Chamber of Commerce book.  She also designed invitations for various companies.  This was a great opportunity for Colleen because she was able to gain experience as a graphic designer, a career she aspires to take on full-time after graduation.

Colleen's advice for future interns is to reach out to friends who have graduated and are in the workforce, just like she did.  By simply commenting on her friend Shannon's picture, she was offered an interview and a job within two week's time.  Colleen says to "stay in touch, and stay friendly," and success will be that much easier to achieve.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

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