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Rebecca Ingoglia

RebeccaAtNewLondonMainStreet.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE

Rebecca Ingoglia

Class of May 2014

Visual Arts Major (Graphic Design and Photography)


Internship Employer: New London Main Street

Position Title: Graphic Design Intern


            Sometimes, you have to chase after that dream internship and it can take months (or maybe a couple of years) to get a hold of it. Other times, that dream internship is right under your nose and jumps out when you least expect it. Rebecca Ingoglia's, a junior studying Graphic Design, was just like the latter. While Rebecca was completing her Graphic Design II course, her professor informed the class about an internship available with New London Main Street. Seeing an opportunity, Rebecca went out on a limb and applied and was met with great success.

Over the summer she completed her Graphic Design internship with New London Main Street, a non-profit whose goal is to revitalize New London's downtown. While there, she did basic office work along with the work in her given field. She designed website banners, 'Thank You' cards, name tags for business meetings, and even went as far as taking pictures of New London and interviewing the owner's of new businesses. Using this work experience, Rebecca says she learned a lot about working in an office setting and how to operate under stress. In addition, she also learned how the real world works in the Graphic Design field, an insight that is important if you're looking to succeed.

Rebecca's advice to the prospective intern is quite simply to "find what you're actually interested in." The most valuable experience you'll get is doing something you enjoy, so don't settle for less than what you're looking for. She also emphasizes to "do your research". Know who it is you're looking for and know about the businesses you're looking at. It's as simple as that.


Story by Alexandra Remy

Kevin Chen

photo.JPGInternship Profile

Kevin Chen

Major: Computer Science

Class of 2013

Title: Software Developer

Employer: Pfizer Global Research and Development


  In the summer of 2012 Kevin Chen worked a Summer Co-Op at Pfizer as a Software Developer. At Pfizer Kevin gained valuable experience in his desired field, and learned a lot about what goes into being a Software Developer. Some of the things he was required to do were design and create websites for data collection, fix software bugs, and collect design specifications from various research teams. He also had the opportunity to research, and eventually learn many new computer programs.

                This was Kevin's first time in an office work environment, and he really got a feel for how a corporate workplace operates. He has career aspirations of working full-time as a Software Engineer. "I want to go into software engineering and this experience taught me almost everything I need." His manager at Pfizer, Matthew Summers, is a former Eastern graduate with the same Computer Science major. Seeing somebody take the same path as him, and be extremely successful, has shown Kevin what his future could look like if he works hard.

                Kevin's biggest piece of advice for other students seeking an internship is to simply just apply. With no job experience, and very limited knowledge of the company, he never expected to get this internship. He applied with low expectations, and the result was an invaluable experience. "They want to teach you. Companies are looking for new talent and they are more than willing to give internships."

-Dan Calzone

Justin Ferrari

Thumbnail image for justin ferrari pic.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE:
Justin Ferrari
Business Information Systems
Class of 2012

Title: Programming Intern

Employer: CIGNA

Justin Ferrari is a senior at Eastern and will be graduating May 2012. As a Business Information Systems major with a Computer Science minor Justin plans on working for large businesses and creating different kinds of programs. He is a member of the Association of Info Tech Professionals at Eastern and has a true passion for anything that has to do with computers technology. Although an internship is not required for his graduation he has interned for Aetna and is now interning at Cigna for the experience.

                Last summer, working at Aetna he learned a lot about the structure and organization of the company's business information systems. Learning the entire system helped him understand the way that the entire field works and how it is systematized. Matt Tebow, an Eastern alum, helped him in his learning experience at Aetna.    

                For Justin's last semester he will be working at Cigna for a paid internship program. Here he is expecting to acquire a lot more about website maintenance. He will be working more on the company's website to provide updates and new programs for customers and employees. He will be working on creating a fascinating program called Webalive. This is a virtual reality program with virtual avatars for people so they can do their meetings and presentations right at their own desk and computer. This will allow them to accomplish more and not have to do so much traveling.

                He has met with a counselor here at career services to have his resume and cover letters reviewed. He enjoys getting paid to learn about something he is excited to do in the future. His advice to people in search of an internship is to apply for everything, and do not be picky. You cannot expect to get something specific so you need to be open minded. Even if you do not require an internship to graduate it is still a great way to get your foot in the door and let your self be known.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini

Mike Calvo

Mike Calvo.JPGMike Calvo has jumpstarted his career through an exciting internship experience. Mike is a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in English. Over the summer Mike became a Research Assistant at University of Connecticut through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, which is funded by the United States Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

            As Research Assistant, Mike worked with a team of students to try and find ways to detect whether or not a Trojan virus was inserted into a microchip. Mike's team came up with methods to extract data from microchips that might indicate whether or not there was a Trojan virus present in the chip. "Since data from Trojan free/inserted chips are very similar, my job was to come up with analysis techniques for the data, hoping to make the difference more obvious."

             At the end of each week the team would share findings and discoveries. "Networking was cool and it helped motivate me and helped me to stay on task."

            Mike recognizes Career Services as part of his success and has frequently visited for career and school advice. Mike's first visit was during Fall 2010 where he sought out advice in regards to his goals for the next five years and steps he could take to get there. Career Services staff also helped Mike set up his profile.

            Mike shares his advice with other students: "I really got lucky in a sense that

the internship opportunity came to me. I didn't expect that to happen and people should not expect that to happen either. You need to get yourself out there and email prospective jobs and try and find something that is either unpaid or paid. You just need to take the risk."

     Congratulations on your success Mike! Keep up the great work!


Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

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