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Jonnell Atkins

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jonell.jpg INTERNSHIP PROFILE:

Jonnell Atkins
Business Administration Major
Class of 2013

Employer: Metlife Insurance Company
Title: Claims Specialist

For the past two summers, Business Administration
major Jonnell Atkins completed an internship
through INROADS at Metlife. INROADS helps place talented and underserved youth in business and industry job positions and prepares them for corporate and community leadership.

At INROADS Jonnell's title was Claims Specialist. She worked on a project called "Selling insurance to Millennials" which included going on a business trip to New Jersey and presenting her work to the Executive Vice President of MetLife (Todd Katz).  "It was scary, but it was an eye opener. I was outside of my comfort zone which was ultimately what I needed to see that this is the beginning to a successful ending." 

Jonnell heard about the INROADS program during her senior year of high school and followed up on it once she got to college. Once she applied and secured an interview, she set up a Mock Interview in Career Services with Cliff Marrett, Interim Director.  She found that the mock interview really helped her prepare and practice for the real interview and it gave her more confidence. "The most valuable part of completing an internship at INROADS was knowing that I am against the odds, knowing that I am promised a future. Because of INROADS, my foot is in the door."

What excited Jonell most about the internship is that she has been invited back over her winter break to continue the internship. Jonell's advice to other college students looking for an internship: "You have to want it for yourself and self-motivate.  It is also all about who you know, networking is really important."

Congratulations on your success Jonnell!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow 

Aubrey Skelskey




Aubrey Skelskey

Psychology Major
Class of 2013

Title: Research Assistant for Employee Satisfaction

Employer: Reliance House


Aubrey, a junior at Eastern is a Psychology major with a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology along with a minor in business administration. Throughout this year she has been doing a unique internship at Reliance House, a non-profit organization in Norwich, CT. Aubrey's  first position title was  a Research Assistant for employee satisfaction. In this role, Aubrey conducted research on how the employees felt about their job through working with statistics. At the end of the semester Reliance House encouraged Aubrey to continue her internship and  she began doing focus groups with the same employees to find the nature of dissatisfaction of the employees there.

Although an internship is not required for her major, or in order to graduate, Aubrey wanted to make sure this job is what she really wants to be doing with her life. It helped her learn a lot about the field she plans on pursuing. Her research showed that although positions at reliance house are low paying, employees in the field still respect those who work in the field because they are truly dedicated and enjoy what they do.

                As you can see, an internship can turn into even more and can offer you a lot more experience. Not only is she doing focus groups with the employees at Reliance House this semester, she also volunteered to help her advisor with an experiment in rating management action plans at Eastern.

                Aubrey plans on becoming a business consultant in the future. She really hopes to help people enjoy their jobs more because this is a value that is becoming more important than ever before. Your job is not only where you spend most of your time but it is hard to accomplish anything with negativity interfering with your work.

                Her advice to students is "Get an internship as soon as you can so you know what you will be getting yourself into in the future, and what you should be expecting."

Anthony Amato

Thumbnail image for amatooopic.jpg


Anthony Amato
Communication Major
Class of 2012

Title: Advertising Intern

Employer: Chartwells

Anthony Amato is a senior at Eastern CT State University where he takes pride in his responsibilities as a student, intern and worker.  Last semester as Advertising Intern for Chartwells Higher Education Division in Eastern Dining Services, he learned how to connect to the student body through social media and keep people's attention by making it fun and interesting.

Anthony was responsible for creating campaigns, advertisements and signage that worked to promote Dining Services events. He updated the social media outlets, planned events such as fairs, expos and student activities creating a relationship between the dining services and the student body.

One way he reached out to students was by starting the Chartwells Chomper, selecting a student to receive a plate of cookies, a water bottle and a Frisbee each week to show Chartwell's appreciation.  Not only did the student get a prize package but they were recognized on the Chartwells Facebook and Twitter, where they would be tagged to get the word out. The Chartwells Chomper was not only created by Anthony, but it is now recognized by Chartwells Corporate where it will be used by other branches.

Along with being an intern for Chartwells, Anthony is also the match secretary for Eastern's Rugby team, and the head news anchor for the club News 22 which is a student run news show. He is also a member Lambda Pi Eta Tau Nu Chapter (Communication Honors Society) and works for the Eastern Housing Department as an Office Assistant.  During the summer he works as an Administer for Camp Harkness in Waterford, CT, a camp for mentally and physically disabled adults. This position helped him with his communication skills over the years, being able to apply these skills in all areas of work and life.

Anthony plans on working for an advertising agency as a creative writer or copywriter once he graduates this May. Working at the Chartwells internship helped him realize exactly what he wanted to do. He recommends finding an internship that really interests you and that will show you if it is actually what you would like to do.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini







Justin Ferrari

Thumbnail image for justin ferrari pic.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE:
Justin Ferrari
Business Information Systems
Class of 2012

Title: Programming Intern

Employer: CIGNA

Justin Ferrari is a senior at Eastern and will be graduating May 2012. As a Business Information Systems major with a Computer Science minor Justin plans on working for large businesses and creating different kinds of programs. He is a member of the Association of Info Tech Professionals at Eastern and has a true passion for anything that has to do with computers technology. Although an internship is not required for his graduation he has interned for Aetna and is now interning at Cigna for the experience.

                Last summer, working at Aetna he learned a lot about the structure and organization of the company's business information systems. Learning the entire system helped him understand the way that the entire field works and how it is systematized. Matt Tebow, an Eastern alum, helped him in his learning experience at Aetna.    

                For Justin's last semester he will be working at Cigna for a paid internship program. Here he is expecting to acquire a lot more about website maintenance. He will be working more on the company's website to provide updates and new programs for customers and employees. He will be working on creating a fascinating program called Webalive. This is a virtual reality program with virtual avatars for people so they can do their meetings and presentations right at their own desk and computer. This will allow them to accomplish more and not have to do so much traveling.

                He has met with a counselor here at career services to have his resume and cover letters reviewed. He enjoys getting paid to learn about something he is excited to do in the future. His advice to people in search of an internship is to apply for everything, and do not be picky. You cannot expect to get something specific so you need to be open minded. Even if you do not require an internship to graduate it is still a great way to get your foot in the door and let your self be known.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini

John Stephenson

Thumbnail image for johnstephenson.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE:
John Stephenson
Business Major
Class of 2013

Title: Emergency Dispatch Intern

Employer: OTIS Elevator

John has been attending Eastern for the past three years as a Business major, Accounting minor with a concentration in Finance. This past summer he landed a full-time paid internship at Otis Elevator, one of the largest elevator companies in the world. At this internship he was considered an emergency dispatcher, specializing in data entry and customer service, dealing with people from multiple countries.  His main job was to dispatch any technical problems to certified mechanics worldwide through phone calls and computer programs. He also learned short hand typing skills, how to work in a fast paced environment and many clerical skills that helped him meet his quota. Although this internship he is not directly in line with his career path, he saw it as a good opportunity for him to get administrative and customer service business skills. Eventually, he plans to obtain another internship in the field of finance, which is more closely related to his career goals

Career Services helped John prepare a plan for his duration at Eastern consisting of goals he wanted to reach and how to succeed in reaching these goals. John has a strong drive to become successful and is willing to dabble with anything that will benefit his success. As a member of Pathways and a mentor for the Accounting Department he shows many strong leadership skills. As a self-starter he is also able to maintain two additional jobs as a Student worker for accessibility services where he does note taking and proctoring, and he is a Certified Recovery Assistant for the State of Connecticut where he helps clients transition from being institutionalized to living in the community. Everything he is involved with now is giving him a foundation of connections and networking opportunities, while sharpening his customer service skills and understanding people across all levels. His dream career is to get into business real estate and investments internationally.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini 

Victor Harley

Thumbnail image for victor harley.jpgWith the help of Career Services and the Social Work Faculty at Eastern Victor Harley was selected out of a large pool of candidates by a government agency nearly 5,000 miles away! 

                As a Social Work major with a minor in Criminology his dream job was to work as a Child Protective Services Social Worker. After graduating he found out about the Social Work Position with the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Office of Children's Services by visiting the Alaska state employment opportunity directly and searching for job postings.

During his time at Eastern Victor was involved in many internships in the Willimantic area. His most intensive internship took place throughout his senior year with over 500 supervised hours in the Drug Intervention Court Program at Perception Programs Inc. For his criminology minor he also spent a semester with the State Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division in the Office of Adult Probation in Willimantic, CT. He enjoyed this internship so much that he took time out to volunteer for the next semester.

                Throughout Victors time spent here at Eastern he has visited Career Services many times to stay on his career path. It was an excellent resource for him and his future. The career counselors spent a lot of time answering his questions, helping him with his resume, cover letter and interview strategies for upcoming opportunities.

                After graduating Victor had many job opportunities to pick from, including the Perception Program Inc., The State of Alaska, the State of Delaware and being accepted into the AmeriCorps to teach special education in New York City.  Victor is now living in the state of Alaska where he works at his dream job everyday with children!

"My story is evidence of the fact that the opportunities that come from an Eastern education can provide you is obviously unlimited" said Victor.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini

Carissa Laudano

Thumbnail image for carissa laudano 002.jpgCarissa Laudano has a strong passion for helping young girls succeed in life and being a role model they can look up to. She is a Child Psychology major with a minor in criminology here at Eastern and will be graduating May 2012. Carissa has landed an inspiring internship at Juvenile Matters in the Juvenile Superior Court house in Willimantic, CT, during her last semester at Eastern.  As an intern she is mentored by a probation officer who is also an Eastern Alum.  Her responsibilities include observing non-judicial hearings and court hearings with her mentors. Once she has an overview of the process the probation officers at the court will help her build her own case load and work with juveniles on her own.  She will be conducting in-depth interviews with them, their parents, and social Service agencies and programs. Some of her other duties at the court house include supervising clients at their assessed level of risk, conducting drug tests and being a mediator for conflicts.

                Carissa has been to Career Services where she has met with a career counselor for career path guidance, and found this extremely helpful. She is involved with many extracurricular activities such as the dance team at Eastern and works as a Student Assistant in Eastern's Housing Department. Her future goal is to become a Clinician for young girls in detention centers. So far this internship has helped her make connections with important people who have provided knowledge about the judicial system, helping her see that positive reinforcement is needed especially with children who have a background of neglect and little guidance. This is why she has such strong enthusiasm for helping these young women become successful.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini 

Alex Bogle

BogleA.JPGAlex Bogle is an Economics major and Business Information Systems minor who is anxious to succeed! Alex is also an RA for Nutmeg and is Vice President of Operations for the Eastern Connecticut State University student chapter of Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Alex has worked three internships in the past which include Natchaug Hospital, INROADS and Metlife. His most recent internship is at Cigna. Cigna is a health insurance company that offers valuable internship experience to students at Eastern's campus.

Alex is an Application Developer Intern. As an Application Developer, Alex must keep up with web maintenance of by updating logos and layouts of the website as well as changing/editing and adding text. Alex also builds job applications, organizes files and maintains database architecture. Most recently Alex built a website for Prudential with fellow Eastern student AJ Brisson. Alex works with six other Eastern interns. "We all get along very well. It's good that we are a small group, we work cohesively. We all have strengths in different areas."

Alex occasionally meets with Career Services staff for advice. Alex thanks Cliff Marrett, Interim Director for the help he has received. "I feel like I got where I am today because of Cliff. He helped me get in at INROADS which helped me get a position at Metlife."

Alex also owes his thanks to his mentor, Emmanuel Twom. "I think I created a great network. How all this got started was through meeting my mentor, Emmanuel. He is a Systems Analyst for New River Systems in D.C. and is very successful at a young age. I met him at a Career Fair in New Jersey. We started discussing the future and I told him I wanted to be a project manager. He sat down with me and discussed my resume and told me I could do it. He also helped me with mock interviews. Emmanuel is my motivator. Someday I would like to be as successful as him."

Alex has advice for students in regards to internships, "if the internship is in a field that you are really passionate about go for it, even if it is paid or unpaid. You have choices. Everything will fall into place."

Congratulations on your multiple successes Alex! Good luck with future endeavors!


Story Submitted By: Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

Mike Calvo

Mike Calvo.JPGMike Calvo has jumpstarted his career through an exciting internship experience. Mike is a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in English. Over the summer Mike became a Research Assistant at University of Connecticut through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, which is funded by the United States Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

            As Research Assistant, Mike worked with a team of students to try and find ways to detect whether or not a Trojan virus was inserted into a microchip. Mike's team came up with methods to extract data from microchips that might indicate whether or not there was a Trojan virus present in the chip. "Since data from Trojan free/inserted chips are very similar, my job was to come up with analysis techniques for the data, hoping to make the difference more obvious."

             At the end of each week the team would share findings and discoveries. "Networking was cool and it helped motivate me and helped me to stay on task."

            Mike recognizes Career Services as part of his success and has frequently visited for career and school advice. Mike's first visit was during Fall 2010 where he sought out advice in regards to his goals for the next five years and steps he could take to get there. Career Services staff also helped Mike set up his profile.

            Mike shares his advice with other students: "I really got lucky in a sense that

the internship opportunity came to me. I didn't expect that to happen and people should not expect that to happen either. You need to get yourself out there and email prospective jobs and try and find something that is either unpaid or paid. You just need to take the risk."

     Congratulations on your success Mike! Keep up the great work!


Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

Brian Ronan

RonanB.jpgBrian Ronan is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing. Brian will be graduating in May 2012 and has already started his road to success.

            Over the summer, Brian interned at RMI Corporation. RMI offers software and support for businesses that rent, sell and service equipment. The CEO of RMI Corporation was an adjunct professor at Eastern who Brian took accounting class with, so he was familiar with the company. At RMI Brian was able to work with a staff of students from Eastern as well as alumni. Brian's tasks while interning included database entry, finding new contacts, and sales. Initially Brian only did database entry until he spoke with the CEO and expressed his desire to learn more.

Brian found the internship with help from Clifford Marrett, Interim Director and Lana Pontbriant, Administrative Assistant, at Career Services. Brian brought his resume to Career Services junior year, where he was shown how to use Career counselors helped Brian build his resume and guided Brian with practice interviews. "Everything happened so quickly! One week I'm walking into Career Services with hopes of finding an internship. The next week I'm emailing different companies and a week later I was hired!"

Brian has advice for students looking for an internship:

"Do it. Just do it. I learned so much. At first I had low expectations because finding an internship is required for my major; I felt like I wouldn't learn anything. I was wrong. By the time I was finished with my internship I realized how valuable the experience was. It is reassuring to know that I have had real job experience before I graduate, it prepares me for the future."

            Congratulations on your success Brian!


Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

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