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Kirsten Banta

kirsten Banta.jpgExpected Graduation Date: May 2014
Major: Communications
Internship Employer: Hartford Business Journal
Internship Title: Fall Intern

Kirsten is a Communications major with an editorial internship at the Hartford Business Journal. Her responsibilities include writing pieces for the website that are based off of press releases, she writes for the weekly print edition and interviews business professionals for news stories. Interning at the Hartford Business Journal has improved Kirsten's writing skills, interpersonal skills, and she has learned the writing style for business journals as opposed to various other forms of journalism. She has also become aware of what it is like to be a reporter in the world today. Kirsten has gained a lot of knowledge from her colleagues and editors who have made her feel very comfortable in the professional field of communications and happy to be a part of their community.

            As a communications major, Kirsten's internship at the Hartford Business Journal will help her in any communications related career. Although Kirsten does not have definite determined career goals or dream job, she now has a clearer view of the path she can take when she leaves Eastern. She feels as though her experience at the Hartford Business Journal has helped her prepare for the "real world" after she graduates in May.

            Kirsten would advise students who need an internship to start looking early and utilize any connections you may have. She says that an internship will guide you in the field you want be in because it is like a trial run in the professional world. She recommends finding an internship to truly know if what you are studying is really the most ideal career path for you.


Story by: Morgan Gerardi

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