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Shelby Andrelski

IMG_0229.JPGInternship Profile

Shelby Andrelsk

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Communications

Internship Employer: Mass EDMC

Internship Title: Promoter


                This semester Shelby Andrelski participated in an internship with Mass EDMC as a promoter. Her responsibilities included promoting shows through social media and working behind the scenes to help set up and put on shows. Shelby learned many things during this internship that will help her be a more sufficient worker in the future. "I learned a lot about the effort that goes into events such as ticket sales, and planning."

                Shelby hopes to one day be a booking agent, and this internship will only bring her one step closer to that goal. "I love music and I want to be around it so learning how to put on shows was really cool and I got some great experience." She got to do many things in this internship that she has always been interested in doing. This just goes to show you that there are internship opportunities out there for everyone.

                Getting an internship is a big deal, and Shelby now understands this. You're not necessarily going to love your first job, but it will only help get you to that place. She urges students seeking an internship to go for it. "I say go for it. Find an internship doing something you're passionate about, it will help put things in perspective."


-Story by Dan Calzone

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