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Rebecca Ingoglia

RebeccaAtNewLondonMainStreet.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE

Rebecca Ingoglia

Class of May 2014

Visual Arts Major (Graphic Design and Photography)


Internship Employer: New London Main Street

Position Title: Graphic Design Intern


            Sometimes, you have to chase after that dream internship and it can take months (or maybe a couple of years) to get a hold of it. Other times, that dream internship is right under your nose and jumps out when you least expect it. Rebecca Ingoglia's, a junior studying Graphic Design, was just like the latter. While Rebecca was completing her Graphic Design II course, her professor informed the class about an internship available with New London Main Street. Seeing an opportunity, Rebecca went out on a limb and applied and was met with great success.

Over the summer she completed her Graphic Design internship with New London Main Street, a non-profit whose goal is to revitalize New London's downtown. While there, she did basic office work along with the work in her given field. She designed website banners, 'Thank You' cards, name tags for business meetings, and even went as far as taking pictures of New London and interviewing the owner's of new businesses. Using this work experience, Rebecca says she learned a lot about working in an office setting and how to operate under stress. In addition, she also learned how the real world works in the Graphic Design field, an insight that is important if you're looking to succeed.

Rebecca's advice to the prospective intern is quite simply to "find what you're actually interested in." The most valuable experience you'll get is doing something you enjoy, so don't settle for less than what you're looking for. She also emphasizes to "do your research". Know who it is you're looking for and know about the businesses you're looking at. It's as simple as that.


Story by Alexandra Remy

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