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Kelly Hill

Kelly Hill

Communications (Photography) Major, Philosophy and Studio Art Minor
Class of 2013

Title: Radio Host/Assistant Intern
Radio i98.3


            How many times have you searched for an internship and none of them seemed to interest you? They all seemed boring, dry, and the standard office slave work. If you don't want your internship to revolve around retrieving your higher up's coffee, then maybe look into something more innovative. Take, for instance, Kelly Hill's internship. A senior with her plate full studying Communications and two minors, Kelly won this past Spring's Excellence Expo for her work done relating to a Communications Law and Ethics class. Luckily, the judges were so impressed by her that an internship offer came out of it. One of the judges worked for Willimantic's Top 40 radio station i98.3. Since then, she has been working a unique and youthful internship with the radio station, quite happily too.

            Within her internship, Kelly is given dual roles as a radio host and an office worker. While in the office, she'll work on compiling the events calendar and put on air the most important ones. But it's on Friday mornings from 6-10 that she gets to have all the fun. As an on air host with her own time slot, she has to conjure up plenty of material to keep listener's interest. Jokes, politics, and news are aplenty in Kelly's average morning routine and her time at the i98.3 microphone has proved to be eye opening.

            It's not unusual for a to-be-college-grad to not have an exact career direction. Kelly was one of these prospective grads. She began her focus in Photography with the aspirations of being a Sports Photographer. Since then, though, she has become a bit unsure. "This [internship] has broadened my horizons," Kelly proclaims of her time at i98.3. Through her radio work, she's begun to lean towards the career path of radio host. Her internship accomplished one of its many purposes: to give direction.

            While not everyone will have such a "cool" and "hip" internship, it's important to know that anyone could have one just as equally fun and worthwhile. It's just a matter of looking. As for Kelly, she recommends you begin your internship journey at a point in your college career when you have the time. Squeezing it in with a hectic schedule, though sometimes unavoidable, has potential to ruin the experience. Outside of scheduling, "leave a good impression". Kelly even admits that how you act during your time spent at your internship is vital because inevitably, "they'll be the ones writing your recommendation".


Story by Alexandra Remy 

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