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Rebecca Ingoglia

RebeccaAtNewLondonMainStreet.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE

Rebecca Ingoglia

Class of May 2014

Visual Arts Major (Graphic Design and Photography)


Internship Employer: New London Main Street

Position Title: Graphic Design Intern


            Sometimes, you have to chase after that dream internship and it can take months (or maybe a couple of years) to get a hold of it. Other times, that dream internship is right under your nose and jumps out when you least expect it. Rebecca Ingoglia's, a junior studying Graphic Design, was just like the latter. While Rebecca was completing her Graphic Design II course, her professor informed the class about an internship available with New London Main Street. Seeing an opportunity, Rebecca went out on a limb and applied and was met with great success.

Over the summer she completed her Graphic Design internship with New London Main Street, a non-profit whose goal is to revitalize New London's downtown. While there, she did basic office work along with the work in her given field. She designed website banners, 'Thank You' cards, name tags for business meetings, and even went as far as taking pictures of New London and interviewing the owner's of new businesses. Using this work experience, Rebecca says she learned a lot about working in an office setting and how to operate under stress. In addition, she also learned how the real world works in the Graphic Design field, an insight that is important if you're looking to succeed.

Rebecca's advice to the prospective intern is quite simply to "find what you're actually interested in." The most valuable experience you'll get is doing something you enjoy, so don't settle for less than what you're looking for. She also emphasizes to "do your research". Know who it is you're looking for and know about the businesses you're looking at. It's as simple as that.


Story by Alexandra Remy

Krystal Jones

Krystal Jones

Business Administration Major and Human Resources
Class of 2013 (September)

Title: Financial Analyst Intern
Electric Boat (General Dynamics)


            For the past two summers Krystal Jones has been a Financial Analyst Intern for Electric Boat, the producer of Groton's famous nuclear submarines. While there she has led a "classified" internship dealing with some very sensitive material. Explaining that most of what she does is confidential, she was able to let in on a few details of her work there. The basics of her duties are to make certain that buyers were operating in the most cost effective ways. Basically, to ensure Electric Boat continues to make money and not lose any. She also participated in audits on company issued credit accounts and oversaw some contractual agreements. Overall, she has been issued some very important tasks.

            While finance wasn't her first choice, Krystal admits her internship is an easier task than it sounds. There's little to no math involved (something that scared her) and she relished in the great work environment. She was lucky to be able to work alongside her father and enjoyed having him as a co-worker. When it comes to her future goals, she's not sure what she wants to do. Electric Boat hires many of their interns and she admits that it wouldn't be a bad option. Despite her uncertainty in her future career goals, she has embraced every second of her time at Electric Boat. To her, it was a way of gaining the "real life experience" that prospective employers drool over.

            Krystal's key advice for anyone pursuing an internship is "to network". If you're lost, you can find your way in school sponsored internship programs and if it's paid, then go for it. But don't exclude anything! "Look into all opportunities. Just because it's not your first choice, don't exclude it," she advises.

 Outside of her summer internship, Krystal works a retail job at Trailblazer's Mohegan Sun location and for three years attended Norwich's Three Rivers Community College. Now, as a Business Administration (Human Resources) major at Eastern Connecticut State University, Krystal looks forward to graduating in September 2013. She plans on returning to Electric Boat in the Summer of 2013.

Story by Alexandra Remy 

Eric Alan

Eric Alan

English Major
Class of 2012 (December)

Title: Officer Support Assistant
United States Coast Guard


            In today's economy, turning an internship into a career is a hard trick to pull. Most college students work for free and are given valuable real world experience, but don't have the career to show for it. Eric Alan, due to graduate this December, can say he beat the odds. After having served in the U.S. Coast Guard for many years and lovingly tended to his farm in Mansfield, CT, Eric returned to school to study English at Eastern Connecticut State University. Through his military experience, he eventually acquired a working role with ECSU's Vets Center. It was with their guidance that he secured his spot in his life's goals.

            Over the summer Eric interned with the U.S. Coast Guard Academy as a Library Assistant. His day to day tasks included book sorting and shelving, interpersonal interaction, and manning the circulation desk. Eric inevitably hopes to receive a MS in Library Science and pursue whole heartedly his dreams of being a librarian. This internship, to say the least, was a perfect fit for him. And in the end, it was his internship with the US Coast Guard Academy that gave him a full time job staffing their library. His internship turned into success, bringing him where his goals wanted to take him.

            While not every internship will turn into a job, it is important to give it your all. Working hard is the path to success. "Work as hard as you can, even if you are just an intern," Eric adds, "If you impress the right people you can get a full time career position." He followed his own advice and now comfortably begins his life in the book shelves.


Story by Alexandra Remy

Kelly Hill

Kelly Hill

Communications (Photography) Major, Philosophy and Studio Art Minor
Class of 2013

Title: Radio Host/Assistant Intern
Radio i98.3


            How many times have you searched for an internship and none of them seemed to interest you? They all seemed boring, dry, and the standard office slave work. If you don't want your internship to revolve around retrieving your higher up's coffee, then maybe look into something more innovative. Take, for instance, Kelly Hill's internship. A senior with her plate full studying Communications and two minors, Kelly won this past Spring's Excellence Expo for her work done relating to a Communications Law and Ethics class. Luckily, the judges were so impressed by her that an internship offer came out of it. One of the judges worked for Willimantic's Top 40 radio station i98.3. Since then, she has been working a unique and youthful internship with the radio station, quite happily too.

            Within her internship, Kelly is given dual roles as a radio host and an office worker. While in the office, she'll work on compiling the events calendar and put on air the most important ones. But it's on Friday mornings from 6-10 that she gets to have all the fun. As an on air host with her own time slot, she has to conjure up plenty of material to keep listener's interest. Jokes, politics, and news are aplenty in Kelly's average morning routine and her time at the i98.3 microphone has proved to be eye opening.

            It's not unusual for a to-be-college-grad to not have an exact career direction. Kelly was one of these prospective grads. She began her focus in Photography with the aspirations of being a Sports Photographer. Since then, though, she has become a bit unsure. "This [internship] has broadened my horizons," Kelly proclaims of her time at i98.3. Through her radio work, she's begun to lean towards the career path of radio host. Her internship accomplished one of its many purposes: to give direction.

            While not everyone will have such a "cool" and "hip" internship, it's important to know that anyone could have one just as equally fun and worthwhile. It's just a matter of looking. As for Kelly, she recommends you begin your internship journey at a point in your college career when you have the time. Squeezing it in with a hectic schedule, though sometimes unavoidable, has potential to ruin the experience. Outside of scheduling, "leave a good impression". Kelly even admits that how you act during your time spent at your internship is vital because inevitably, "they'll be the ones writing your recommendation".


Story by Alexandra Remy 

John Bronzo

IMG_0213[1].JPGInternship Profile

John Bronzo

Class of 2013

Major:  Business Information Systems

Internship Employer: Windham Hospital

Internship Title: Entry Level Intern


                This semester John Bronzo got the chance to intern at Windham Hospital right here in Willimantic Connecticut. He spent much of his time shadowing the Director of Clinical Informatics. His main responsibilities included helping with any clerical office activities, and interacting with nurses and physicians. He got the chance to get a close look at the operations at Windham Hospital, and asked many questions along the way to further his understanding of how the hospital works. 

                John even had the opportunity to sit in on training sessions with clinical analysts to learn the inner structure of the computer systems used at the hospital. Seeing how nurses, physicians, and patients interact with the healthcare information systems has allowed John to better understand the system as a whole, and how it is applied to the operations at the hospital. 

                John hopes to one day obtain a job position related to healthcare informatics. He has enjoyed his time at Windham Hospital and is eager to get into the field full-time. The skills and knowledge he has gained during this experience will be nothing but beneficial going forward. He heard about this internship opportunity through faculty in the Business Information Systems department.  John urges others looking for an internship to be eager to learn from the experience. "Come eager to learn and be open to any opportunity that presents itself."


Story by Dan Calzone

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