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Kyle Droniak

Kyle Droniak

Business Administration Major and Marketing
Class of 2013

Title: Management Trainee Intern

Employer: Enterprise 


Kyle Droniak, a senior in Business Administration and Marketing, is the definition you'd see in the dictionary under "ambitious". Throughout his stay at Eastern Connecticut State University, Kyle has held a colorful foray of positions. Recalling fondly as it being his most enjoyable job, he was an Orientation Counselor for Eastern's incoming freshman for two summers and as a sophomore, he was employed by the Center for Community Engagement. Amidst all of this, Kyle managed to spend an enlightening three to four months in Milan, Italy. During his trip to Italy, the opportunity for an Internship arose.

 After corresponding with The Center for Internships and Career Development, Kyle secured a paid internship in Danbury, Connecticut with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. While employed with Enterprise, he was in charge of sales, customer pick-ups, call backs, and much more. When asked what the most difficult part of his internship was, he explained that it was the "long hours". Three out of his four days a week spent at Enterprise were twelve hour days. In the end, though, it paid off. He admitted that if Enterprise were to bring him on full-time, it wouldn't necessarily be for his decent sales numbers, but for his dedication and friendliness. "Everyone liked me... I was normally the last one to leave," he commented on his long days.

Kyle is now in the first semester of his second internship. He currently works as a Peer Counselor with The Center for Internships and Career Development. As a Peer Counselor, he promotes the CICD, gives presentations, and informs the student body of what Kyle refers to as "things people should know" and "real life skills". Something he believes that more Universities should teach.

Kyle expressed that, ten years down the road, he would love to work with The Center for Internships and Career Development doing personable work with those seeking guidance. And his advice to all those seeking internships? "Do more than one [internship]. Do as many as you can... get your feet wet early." And, the most important advice yet, "be flexible and show willingness to work".

Story by Alexandra Remy

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