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Kevin Chen

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Kevin Chen

Major: Computer Science

Class of 2013

Title: Software Developer

Employer: Pfizer Global Research and Development


  In the summer of 2012 Kevin Chen worked a Summer Co-Op at Pfizer as a Software Developer. At Pfizer Kevin gained valuable experience in his desired field, and learned a lot about what goes into being a Software Developer. Some of the things he was required to do were design and create websites for data collection, fix software bugs, and collect design specifications from various research teams. He also had the opportunity to research, and eventually learn many new computer programs.

                This was Kevin's first time in an office work environment, and he really got a feel for how a corporate workplace operates. He has career aspirations of working full-time as a Software Engineer. "I want to go into software engineering and this experience taught me almost everything I need." His manager at Pfizer, Matthew Summers, is a former Eastern graduate with the same Computer Science major. Seeing somebody take the same path as him, and be extremely successful, has shown Kevin what his future could look like if he works hard.

                Kevin's biggest piece of advice for other students seeking an internship is to simply just apply. With no job experience, and very limited knowledge of the company, he never expected to get this internship. He applied with low expectations, and the result was an invaluable experience. "They want to teach you. Companies are looking for new talent and they are more than willing to give internships."

-Dan Calzone

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