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Brandon Roberts

Thumbnail image for I0000b97fdYvESIc.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE:

Brandon Roberts
Business Administration Major
Class of 2012

Employer: Metlife Insurance Company
Title: Disability Department Intern

This summer, Business Administration major Brandon Roberts completed an internship
through INROADS at Metlife Insurance Company. INROADS helps place talented and underserved youth in business and industry job positions and prepares them for corporate and community leadership.


Brandon will graduate in December 2012 with a concentration in Finance and this internship helped him focus on his concentration.  His responsibilities included appropriating building claims within standard and customer process, structuring new short term disability/no lost time & early submittal claims accurately utilizing UIS with 99% accuracy, monitoring of VSTD mailbox for failed emails sent to ACS, forwarding emails to appropriate supervisors, and heading a team of 5 to present to the Executive Vice President of MetLife and his leadership team. Brandon found that taking on the role of team Captain, proved to himself and his managment team that he can lead and delegate work to others to reach a common goal.


Brandon's advice to students, if your major applies to what Inroads is looking for; apply. Inroads is a wonderful organization that matches top corporate companies with deserving students. The workshops through out the summer teach you the survival skills you need, to survive in corporate America. Now a days, its not so much of what you know its who you know. Inroads and an internship can make that happen. This is where you get the experience from, if you ever wonder, when jobs would like you to have 1-3 years of experience for an entry level position.


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