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Justin Ferrari

Thumbnail image for justin ferrari pic.jpgINTERNSHIP PROFILE:
Justin Ferrari
Business Information Systems
Class of 2012

Title: Programming Intern

Employer: CIGNA

Justin Ferrari is a senior at Eastern and will be graduating May 2012. As a Business Information Systems major with a Computer Science minor Justin plans on working for large businesses and creating different kinds of programs. He is a member of the Association of Info Tech Professionals at Eastern and has a true passion for anything that has to do with computers technology. Although an internship is not required for his graduation he has interned for Aetna and is now interning at Cigna for the experience.

                Last summer, working at Aetna he learned a lot about the structure and organization of the company's business information systems. Learning the entire system helped him understand the way that the entire field works and how it is systematized. Matt Tebow, an Eastern alum, helped him in his learning experience at Aetna.    

                For Justin's last semester he will be working at Cigna for a paid internship program. Here he is expecting to acquire a lot more about website maintenance. He will be working more on the company's website to provide updates and new programs for customers and employees. He will be working on creating a fascinating program called Webalive. This is a virtual reality program with virtual avatars for people so they can do their meetings and presentations right at their own desk and computer. This will allow them to accomplish more and not have to do so much traveling.

                He has met with a counselor here at career services to have his resume and cover letters reviewed. He enjoys getting paid to learn about something he is excited to do in the future. His advice to people in search of an internship is to apply for everything, and do not be picky. You cannot expect to get something specific so you need to be open minded. Even if you do not require an internship to graduate it is still a great way to get your foot in the door and let your self be known.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini

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