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Timothy Snopkowski


Timothy Snopkowski (TJ) is a Communication major with a History minor who is on a mission to be successful. Over the past two years, TJ has been actively interning at Paradigm Talent and Literary Agency's summer training program in Los Angeles, California. Paradigm is one of the top five leading talent agencies in the world that provides representation to clients in film, music, television, theater, comedy, personal appearance, books, new media, commercial and physical production departments. At Paradigm, TJ's tasks included answering phones, studio deliveries, and script reading among many other things.

TJ offers his advice to students who need or want to complete and internship, "The experience is very rewarding. Don't be afraid of limitations like whether or not you are required to intern or if it is unpaid. Internships are so much more valuable than that. You are learning part of a trade that will stay with you forever. If I hadn't gone for it I wouldn't have opportunity for the future."

TJ is currently working for Career Services as an office assistant. TJ encourages students to check out Career Services when looking for internships. "Career Services offers personal care and attention to everyone who stops in. Career Services prepares you with everything you need to find an internship starting with your resume and ending with valuable job related experience. The staff members are so helpful and make the process of finding an internship a lot less stressful."

TJ is graduating May 2012 and is planning on heading back to Los Angeles to continue his journey to the top. Congratulations TJ! Keep up the great work!


Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

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