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Steven Clayton

ClaytonSt.JPGSteven Clayton, a Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Accounting, is eager to graduate with valuable work experience.

Over the summer, Steven worked at CT Conference of Municipalities as an Accounting/Finance Intern. CT Conference of Municipalities is a nonprofit organization specializing in providing various municipal services for towns and cities across Connecticut. As Accounting/Finance Intern, Steven handled company accounting and finance information for municipal insurance. His tasks also included data entry into excel spreadsheets and calculating paid losses and expenses for specific insurance claims.

"Interning at CT Conference of Municipalities allowed me to gain professional work experience.  I was working 9 to 5 with a full work week.  Getting into that routine gave me a glimpse of the real working world.  During my time at CT Conference of Municipalities, I made two presentations to top management and making a presentation to adults was something that was new to me. I feel as though it will definitely help me in the future."

Steven found the internship on, a valuable resource of Career Services. Steven worked closely with Cliff Marrett, Interim Director of Career Services in MALES. "While Cliff has always been a big part of the MALES organization, I began working with him my sophomore year. He was a really big help in my internship search and career development." Steven is the Community Service Representative for MALES and President of the Culinary Arts Club. He believes that being involved in MALES and Culinary Arts Club has given him leadership, public speaking, teamwork and communication skills. "My freshman year I never thought I would step into a leadership role.  As I continued to be involved, especially in MALES, I began to feel ready to step up to the challenge. I am glad I did. I have made a lot of valuable connections that will last for a long time."

Steven has advice for perspective interns: "Be ready to work hard first of all. Definitely stop by Career Services, the friendly staff can help you a lot, not only with your resume, but also searching for companies to intern at. Be persistent and seek out as much help as you can."

Congratulations on your Success Steven! Keep up the amazing work!


Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

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