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Judith Frankel

FrankelJ.JPGPolitical Science major Judith Frankel has jump-started her path to success. Over the summer, Judith was a Political Intern for College Republican National Committee (CRNC) in Washington D.C. CRNC is an independent political committee that brings together young Republicans to promote the Republican Party and to generate a voice for youth-oriented issues so they can be recognized politically.

            "My job title was political intern. My responsibilities were writing conservative blogs for The Voice of Young Conservatives Blog that is featured on the CRNC website, going to conservative luncheons at think-tanks all over the city, and helping out with anything else that needed to be done in the office such as delivering documents to prominent political figures. One of the largest tasks that I helped with was the Biennial College Republican National Convention that took place this past summer."

Judith interned full time and enjoyed it. "I wanted to know what it was like to have a full-time work schedule. Being in Washington D.C. was nice because after work I had time to explore areas of the city."

Judith attained the internship with help from Career Services. "Staff members from Career Services helped me update my resume and cover letter. Cliff Marrett, Interim Director of Career Services, showed me and helped me find internship opportunities that applied to my major. The College Republican National Committee was the first to get back to me about an internship."

Judith's advice to students: "Go to Career Services! I don't think I could have done it without Career Services to be completely honest. They were very helpful in the process of helping me acquire an internship when I had no success. This was an excellent internship opportunity! I learned more about the political world than I could have dreamed. It gave me a good idea of where I want to go in politics in the future and even what other career options might be out there."

Judith is graduating May 2012. Congratulations Judith!


Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

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