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Internship announcements compiled by career services

Once a month the Office of Career Services will be sending you current internships available for students majoring in Biology.  Check out the link below for the February announcements!


Lana Pontbriant

Office of Career Services
Eastern Connecticut State University
Ph: 860.465.4436
Fax: 860.465.4440
E-mail: pontbriant (at) easternct.edu

REU Opportunity in Texas A&M's Entomology Department, Summer 2012

The Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University would like to announce that applications are currently being accepted for the 2012 cohort for the NSF-funded REU-EXCITE (EXpanding sCientific Investigation Through Entomology) program.  This 10-week, research-intensive program takes places in College Station, Texas on the campus of Texas A&M University under the direction of Dr. Kevin Heinz.  Applicants have an array of research projects from which to choose based on their interest area(s).
Potential research projects, application information, instructions and deadlines, as well as previous cohort information, can be found on the REU-EXCITE website at http://insects.tamu.edu/reu.
Students selected for participation will receive a stipend, admission to TAMU as a non-degree seeking student and registration in one (1) credit hour of research, subsistence, and travel support to and from College Station, as well as access to TAMU student services.
Interested applicants may contact Rebecca Hapes, REU-EXCITE Coordinator at rhapes (at) tamu.edu or Dr. Kevin Heinz, REU-EXCITE PI at kmheinz (at) tamu.edu.
Rebecca Hapes '99
Senior Academic Advisor II
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
rhapes (at) tamu.edu

2475 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-2475

Tel. 979.845.9733 | Fax. 979.845.6305

Come spend as many weeks as you would like with CMERA this summer and everyday will be spent on a boat in local estuaries catching and handling wild animals (sharks, stingrays, other fishes, crabs, and many other marine organisms) while learning about their anatomy and ecology.

Here is an internship from the Coastal Marine Education and Research Association (CMERA) in Myrtle Beach, SC. Looks like a lot of fun! Money disclosure: $700/week, but there are scholarships available to lighten the load. Go for as many weeks as you want. Here is some official info:

Want to hold sharks, stingrays, and other sea life this summer while advancing your interest in natural science, padding your resume, receiving credit hours (see below), and having tons of fun?  Here is your opportunity!!!

The Coastal Marine Education and Research Association (CMERA) is offering weekly sessions of natural science field research in the beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.  Most other research or internship opportunities available to you this summer will require long hours of lab work with little to no field work.  We are offering a 100% field research opportunity.  Come spend as many weeks as you would like with CMERA this summer and everyday will be spent on a boat in local estuaries catching and handling wild animals (sharks, stingrays, other fishes, crabs, and many other marine organisms) while learning about their anatomy and ecology.  You will also learn about and gain experience in the difficulties of designing and conducting field research, which is especially useful for those of you pursuing a career in research or continuing on to graduate school.  The hands-on experience you will gain during this program is applicable to all scientific careers!

There are other opportunities available to you if you want to work in a lab this summer, but we are the only organization that offers 100% field experience!!  While lab work is very important in science, we believe that in the natural science disciplines filed work is equally as important.  We believe that to truly learn about an organism or an ecosystem you must spend time with it in its natural habitat.  This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in any discipline of the natural sciences!

Go to www.coastalmera.com for more information and to apply for this amazing opportunity!!  Space is limited! If you would like to bring a group, please inquire about week availability.  Some weeks only have 1 or 2 spaces available.

Come for 3 weeks and receive the 4th week free!

We are currently offering NEEDS-BASED scholarships.  The scholarship application is attached to this email.

Research Opportunity in the Biology Department

Dr. Cowles would like to announce an opportunity for a student to conduct research with her on the following project:

Imidacloprid-induced mite outbreaks are mediated by hormesis,  in which the host plant is much more nutritious than untreated plants.  Non-insecticidal enhancement of plant growth is mediate by the metabolite 6-chloronicotinic acid.  The question is would exogenous application of 6-chloronicotinic acid alone (without imidacloprid) enhance spider mite fecundity.
The same growth enhancement is observed with some other neonicotinoid insecticides and not with others.  Does the pattern of hormesis match that of plant growth regulation?  Would other inducers of these plant biochemical pathways cause hormesis too?

All students are encouraged to contact Dr. Cowles if they are interested. Students with any level of experience and classes will be considered. The research will require a solid block of time during the week for the project (best would be Mondays or Wednesdays).

Contact Dr. Cowles <COWLESE@easternct.edu> if you are interested.
Check out this Tufts REU 2012 Announcement. They will be offering research opportunities for 10 undergraduates this summer (May 29th - August 6th). This is a 10-week program researching "Integrative approaches to studying recognition systems in cells, organisms, and populations." Students participating in the program will receive a $500/week stipend to cover living expenses.

Applications are available here and are due March 1st. Talk to Dr. Terry Haverkost in the Biology Department for more information.

Summer Internship Opportunity in Biomedical Science

What are you doing this summer?

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is offering 10 paid summer internships in their Summer in Biomedical Science (SIBS) Undergraduate Research Program. This is an 8-week program (June 4, 2012 - July 27, 2012) with a $2,000 stipend for participants (housing provided).

Applications should be postmarked by February 10th. Talk to Dr. Terry Haverkost in the Biology Department or visit the SIBS website to learn more!

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