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Research Opportunity in the Biology Department

Dr. Cowles would like to announce an opportunity for a student to conduct research with her on the following project:

Imidacloprid-induced mite outbreaks are mediated by hormesis,  in which the host plant is much more nutritious than untreated plants.  Non-insecticidal enhancement of plant growth is mediate by the metabolite 6-chloronicotinic acid.  The question is would exogenous application of 6-chloronicotinic acid alone (without imidacloprid) enhance spider mite fecundity.
The same growth enhancement is observed with some other neonicotinoid insecticides and not with others.  Does the pattern of hormesis match that of plant growth regulation?  Would other inducers of these plant biochemical pathways cause hormesis too?

All students are encouraged to contact Dr. Cowles if they are interested. Students with any level of experience and classes will be considered. The research will require a solid block of time during the week for the project (best would be Mondays or Wednesdays).

Contact Dr. Cowles <COWLESE@easternct.edu> if you are interested.

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