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Field Work Project in Ghana in June 2010

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It would be significant if Eastern students and faculty undertaking field work on Sanitation and Development in Kormantse-Nkum in Ghana, West Africa identify specific measures that could help along the development process of the village. The sanitation situation in Kormantse-Nkum is in need of much improvement, as is the case throughout Ghana. Perhaps the students could undertake a class project to fundraise to tackle something specific. The idea was floated that the class fundraise to help t build the primary school in the village. The cost is about $12,000. The school project could be an integral part of the sanitation and development activities. A proper school with up-to-date waste disposal facilities could go a long way towards alleviating the sanitation situation in the village. The students will be instructed on proper sanitary measures, which they will practice in their daily lives. Starting with the young is most important. 

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