Glenn Nelson, ITS DepartmentI have recently been asked to write a brief testimonial to the benefits that I have received, both professionally and financially, by participating in the Minority Recruitment and Mentoring Committee (MRMC) program. Since I have been involved with the MRMC, I have found the members of the committee to be very helpful with the advancement of my professional career as a minority. Steve Frazier, who is my mentor, has been someone that I can confidently turn to when I am in need of professional advice. This is especially comforting, considering that I am a relatively new member of the ITS staff and often have many questions regarding tech issues.

Walter Diaz has also been quite helpful when I have come to him with questions about the MRMC program. He is very open to speaking with the members, so I don’t hesitate to call him or stop by if I have a question. As for the financial aspect, the MRMC has allowed me to attend a three day training course that will start this Monday, June 7th at UConn. The course is for Mac OSX Help Desk Essentials. As a computer tech, I often receive many calls regarding Mac systems, and trying to troubleshoot these issues can prove to be difficult, considering that most of my training is PC related. If it were not for the MRMC program, I would not have been able to afford to attend this class. However, because there is such a program that provides me with funding for professional development, I am now able to increase my knowledge of Apple/Macintosh systems to allow me to approach these troubleshooting issues with more confidence.

Although I work almost full time for Eastern, I am also a student here working towards an Economics degree. The MRMC helped me during the spring semester 2004 to pay for book for my courses as well. This is another way that this program has helped me to advance myself as a young professional. I can say that I am grateful for everything that this program has done for me. It is a wonderful program with a great team of people.

Glen Nelson
ITS Department

Tuesday Cooper, School of Education/Professional Studies and Graduate DivisionI received funding from Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee (MRRC) to attended the New Dean’s Institute (NDI) of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). The NDI enabled me to spend a few days becoming oriented to the day-to-day work life of a new dean. Although I have been in my position for almost ten months, becoming acclimated to the life of a dean is constant work. It was helpful to be able to learn about and discuss the various aspects of the job with other new deans.In addition, the NDI provided me with the opportunity to network. Over the course of the week, I had the opportunity to develop extensive networking relationships with 40 deans in the field of education across the United States. We discussed other strategies for professional development, made arrangements to make campus visits, and set schedules to conduct research and collaborate on professional presentations. My experience at the NDI of AACTE was invaluable and the MRRC funding helped to make this experience possible.

Tuesday L. Cooper, Associate Dean
School of Education/Professional Studies and Graduate Division

Karl Green, Hall Director (Housing)Thanks to the MRMC I am able to embark upon the next phase of my life. As I embark on pursuing a MSW degree, it is what the profession entails that most intrigues me and excites me. Social work has to do with a professional’s involvement with and for a people on many levels. With the help of these professional development funds I am able to pursue a degree which will help me to achieve my goal of helping people on different levels. As someone who is people oriented and ready to help with societal change, I think my career goals are very obvious. I want to advance myself in a manner that will allow me to be an advocate for those people who are in need of some form of intervention. I want to be a voice for the people who make mistakes but still have the ability and desire to learn from those mistakes. As an organization that is interested in developing professionals to be leaders in diverse populations it is easy to see why and how these funds will help me to embrace the knowledge and techniques that will be delivered through my program, and how I plan to utilize the skills I will learn to make my individual mark on society’s development. With the help of the MRMC I was able to reduce the cost of my education to zero. These funds are making this next step in my professional development a whole lot easier. I continually thank the MRMC for its continued support in all of my professional goals and its dedicated commitment to my professional/personal growth.

Karl Green
Hall Director, Housing

Kenneth M. Briggs, Assistant to the Director of Financial AidI have taken advantage of some of the funds available from the Minority Recruitment and Mentoring Committee (MRMC) for books for Master’s classes. However, the aspect I believe had a huge impact on me is the fellowship and the mentoring. We all get together and meet for breakfast and get to know each other. I particularly enjoy this because it generates great conversation, networking, and you learn from new and veteran members.

My Mentor is Frederick Hornung and he took me to this “Greenwich Village” type coffee shop here in Willimantic for a great talk. He was the very first to suggest that I go for the big “D” (PhD). He continues to arrive in my office occasionally to see how I’m doing, and if there is anything I need or want to discuss. Mentoring has been similar to a family situation to me because I have been mentored by others besides Rick, like Neville Brown, Walter Diaz, Dr. Margaret He’bert, Dr. Stacy Close, and Dr. David Carter. Mentoring is more than just wise council; it instills confidence, trust, and a sense of belonging to a very, very, special group.

Kenneth M. Briggs
Asst. to the Director of Financial Aid