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The primary goal of the mentoring committee is to match mentors (SUOAF members who have been employed at the University for several years) with newly hired SUOAF minority employees in order to facilitate their professional growth and development and to help them in their acclimation to the University. The subcommittee also continues to work with mentors and mentees already matched, to attempt to continually improve the program and the retention of minority employees. Mentors are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their mentees. This contact includes both on and off-campus meetings (possibly lunch or dinner off campus, and regular contact on campus). In addition, there is generally at least one on-campus group activity each semester, which includes all mentors, mentees and committee members. It is our belief that this mentoring relationship can assist new employees in their adjustment to the University, and can also provide a supportive environment for their professional development. Chairperson: Ms. Kemesha Wilmot, Coordinator of the Intercultural Center

The Role Of A Mentor

By Susan Heyward, Director, Advisement Center

Susan Heyward, Director of Advising, sharing her advice and wisdom about the benefits of mentoring to a group of mentors and mentees at an Eastern Connecticut State University MRMC luncheon.

A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor, teacher and friend.

As a counselor the mentor is telling his or her mentee:
I am willing to give you advice
I am willing to help you see and understand the “Big Picture”
I am willing to tell you if I see or think you are going in the wrong direction

In return the mentee’s response is:
I am willing to heed your advise
I will keep what you share with me in confidence
I will be focused and be alert once warned

As a teacher the Mentor is telling his or her mentee:
I will impart the knowledge and skills I have to you
I will help you learn how to discipline and condition yourself to certain actions and frame of mind
I will help you learn what you need to know by example and through my experiences

In return the mentee’s response is:
I will receive the knowledge and skills you have imparted with an appreciative attitude
I will exercise my mental, emotion, and physical capacity and in order that my thought-life may be developed and my behavior conditioned resulting in my becoming a better person and employee
I will learn all I can and I will “can” all I learn. I will demonstrate that I have been transformed by your examples and made wise by your experience.

And finally, as friend both parties, yes the mentor and the mentee, say to one another:
I will be honest with you and I promise not to allow the relationship to crumble when I disagree
I will help you, whatever I can do that is ethically and morally sound I will do
I will communicate and listen to you , yes, even if I am extremely busy or having a stressful day. I will acknowledge your desire and or need to CONNECT

I challenge both mentors and mentees to leave this room today with there hearts and minds so connected that the impact of your relationship overflows into the intellectual creative and administrative environments of this great University, and that the impact of your relationship spills out and proves beneficial to our students and that the impact of your relationship creates a lasting bond between the two of you.