Spanish Major: General Core

Spanish Major:
BA Degree Requirements

The following courses are required for all Spanish majors:
A basic linguistic core preparation will be required of all students (certain students, including native speakers, may offer equivalencies for these courses with formal approval from the department): See below.

I. Requirements (or equivalents)
SPA210Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA211Intermediate Spanish II3
SPA310Advanced Spanish I3
SPA311Advanced Spanish II3
II. Conversation
SPA312Spanish Conversation and Composition I3
SPA313Spanish Concersation and Composition II3
III. Other Required Courses
SPA316Spanish Civilization3
SPA318Latin American Civilization3
SPA320Spanish Literature I3
SPA403Spanish-English Translation3
One additional literature course3
IV. Electives
SPA3xx or 4xx6
V. Recommendations
A study-abroad experience is strongly recommended3

Education students should take SPA 430 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (one of the electives).
Upon completion of the basic linguistic core and in close consultation with the department, students will choose from among regular and one-credit courses to complete the rest of the major requirement.

No Spanish or MCL course graded below a 2.0 in courses numbered 200 and above will be allowed for credit toward the 36-credit requirement.